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2021 July August Marina World

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MARINAS From the smallest to the largest Any customized solutions for every need Minus Minus top led Geo Aquarius Domyna Link Aquarius model Personalized solutions Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour on the Beaulieu River 182x132mm_Walcon_Marina World 2021_July_August.indd 1 18/06/2021 08:08

ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS & INITIATIVES High-end service pedestals combined with modern digital payment solutions make life easier and safer for customers. fraud, and better services for users than traditional payment systems. “New smart payment systems not only support harbour authorities at large marinas but also enable new self-service business models for small marinas and leisure locations. Small sites become viable again as operating costs are much lower,” Bevers notes. European expansion for digital payment app Seijsener Techniek and Involtum Services are eyeing European expansion of their market leading Dutch digital harbour payment system YoreOn. The fast-growing payment app offers boat owners an easy and convenient way to switch on power and water supply and pay for overnight harbour charges. “More than 250,000 transactions have been settled using the YoreOn app in the Netherlands,” confirms Tjalling de Haan, export manager at Seijsener Techniek. “Boat owners value the simplicity and additional features it offers and the convenience of just using one single app at almost 100 locations.” “The next step is to offer our services outside the Netherlands,” de Haan continues. “We have added our first locations in Belgium and are now looking into further European expansion offering a seamless combination of high-end quality pedestals and modern digital payment solutions.” Remote control by mobile Involtum Services, provider of the payment transaction services, transforms customers’ mobile phones into access control tools Mobile phones become remote control tools to manage use of marina fees, utilities and services. for all harbour amenities. “The mobile controls everything, from reservations and payment for berths to access to power and water supply, entry to harbour sanitary facilities, laundry facilities and bicycle rental. All at the click of a button,” explains Involtum Services managing director Hans Bevers. The demand for digital payment services at marinas is growing fast and there are many benefits, such as a significant reduction in administrative handling costs, maintenance and Electric boating in Amsterdam “Alongside digitalisation of harbour services, we are seeing growing demand for e-boating charging infrastructure. This will be an important growth market in which integrated hardware and software solutions will be essential,” says de Haan. In the Netherlands, the City of Amsterdam is leading the way with a complete ban on boat combustion engines from 2025. Commercial vessels like tourist boats have already been converted to electric, and dedicated e-harbours have been built. Now it is the turn of the leisure boats to make the switch to electric. Seijsener Techniek and Involtum Services have been involved from the beginning and are currently working on various projects to get the required charging infrastructure in place. “What is happening in Amsterdam, will also happen in other European cities and marinas. We all need to make the energy transition and offer clean electric boating for the future,” he adds. Payments via the cloud Besides the YoreOn app and website for boat owners, a separate management portal is offered to harbour marina offices for real-time monitoring and transaction overview, reporting and analytics. Harbour masters at larger marinas can be equipped with a tablet for harbour control and mobile payments. The system can also be expanded with cloud-based on-site payment machines offering a hybrid payment solution. “It’s a complete client-focused approach. We advise on the most suitable set-up according to the size and requirements of each marina. Involtum Services is already offering transaction services in over 15 European countries, so we have a lot of experience dealing with different markets and the various local requirements for settling payments,” Bevers asserts. – July/August 2021 33

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