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2021 July August Marina World

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FLOATING HOMES FLOATING DOCK JERK-FREE AND HIGHLY DAMPED MOORING For maximum comfort and safety in a storm. Reduction of retention forces by up to 90% due to the high damping capacity. QUALITY MADE IN DualDocker GmbH 5231 Schalchen, Landstrasse 50, Austria, T: +43 676 942 77 60, offi, INNOVATION QUALITY COMMITMENT Full line of hydraulic boat handling equipment Yard, self-propelled, and highway models Open frame design to maximize flexibility and efficiency Kropf Industrial also supplies mobile boat lifts, as well as steel or HDPE pipe floating docks, and steel floating breakwaters. 888.480.3777

ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES Safeguarding the environment with vacuum sewerage Sleek vacuum pedestals enhance the contemporary look of Marina Port Vell Barcelona, Spain. Many marinas experience adverse effects on their environment from vessel discharges, spills and leakage. These issues can affect the water quality, the marine and coastal ecology, and the visual conditions of the surroundings. Vacuum sewerage systems provide a solution to these problems in an easy, eco-friendly and economical way. Resistant and safe sewerage systems are of vital importance in marinas, where many bilge water evacuation operations take place, as well as fuel loading and unloading. These manoeuvres can lead to spills or leakages which, in addition to sewage spills, are usually the main reason for marine pollution. To minimise the ecological impact of this, it is crucial to ensure an easy and optimal sewerage system is in place. Vacuum technology from Spanish company Flovac is specifically designed for its ability to capture both sewage and bilge water from boats and port facilities while keeping the surroundings safe. Smart and convenient The main advantage of the Flovac system is its ease of operation for both boat owners and marina operators as boats can be pumped out at their berths by connecting up to pedestals that are distributed around the marina. This eliminates the need to use tank trucks or move boats to a discharge point. This is not only convenient and practical but also promotes good practice among boat owners and reduces the risk of waste dumping and marine pollution. Vacuum sewerage systems designed for ports have two separate networks. The first is for capturing wastewater from boats and complex facilities, and the second is for collecting bilge water and hydrocarbon water from boats and fuel stations. These networks operate separately as bilge and hydrocarbon water must be treated prior to being pumped into the wastewater treatment plant so as to separate the oils. Suitable for all marinas The system is designed for easy, lowcost installation. The vacuum mains pipes are of small diameter and can be installed in shallow trenches, which reduces costly site work. Also, just one single electrical connection point is required for the entire marina, which allows for reduced energy costs. As the system works with the force of the vacuum, all pipe work operates under negative pressure, meaning that no leaks and spills can occur. Small human footprint The Flovac system ensures a small carbon footprint for various reasons. The key aspect is the sealing of the vacuum network because it eliminates any risk of water contamination. Other advantages include user pays and environmental certificates, and low maintenance. Environmental regulators now require boat owners to provide a MARPOL certificate to prove that they have discharged their wastewater at the marina and have not dumped it at sea or in the harbour. A vacuum system can easily monitor volumes, and discharges can be metered to generate revenue for the marina. System checks Flovac provides real-time monitoring via its own control software. Monitoring can remotely check on the status of the system, flag up any potential operational problems and detect unauthorised use or energy costs. Any installation can be supervised from Vacuum pipelines are installed in shallow trenches thus avoiding costly site work. – July/August 2021 35

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