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2021 March April Marina World

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MARINA YARD PAVILION FIRST PORT OF CALL FOR MARINA PROFESSIONALS 16 17 18 NOVEMBER 2021 RAI AMSTERDAM The Marina & Yard Pavilion is one of the three specialised pavilions at the METSTRADE Show; the world’s largest marine equipment trade show. The pavilion is the first port of call for marina professionals which brings together the world’s largest concentration of exhibitors from the marina & yard industry. METSTRADE FEATURES ORGANISED BY POWERED BY MEMBER OF OFFICIAL METSTRADE MAGAZINE OFFICIAL SYP MAGAZINE OFFICIAL MYP MAGAZINE

REGIONAL FOCUS Several new marinas are planned for Sochi and Crimea, including this plan for a new facility in Sevastopol. Russian south braces for brand new marina industry The Russian Government has embarked on a giant project to build at least 20 marinas in Crimea and the Krasnodar Krai, aiming to ramp up yachting in the southern part of the country. The investment cost for the first six marinas is estimated at 600 billion roubles (US billion), making it the biggest yachting development programme in Russian history. Vladislav Vorotnikov reports The idea of establishing a chain of marinas in the south of Russia originated in Sochi, a city that is well known for yachting facilities that are far superior to others in the region. This is good for Sochi but puts it in a somewhat isolated position. “One or two marinas would not be enough. We need to establish a network,” said Marina Zolotukhina, Tourism and Resorts Minister of Krasnodar Krai. “International practice shows that a yachtsman who is not just moving from point A to point B, but is making a long journey, needs to have an opportunity to cover 20-30 nautical miles in one day, and then make it to a safe harbour or marina to rest in comfort,” Zolotukhina added. The marina industry in the region has been steadily developing over the past few years, and yet some gaps in the network remain, according to the Russian Gazette, the Russian Government’s official publication. For instance, there are no marinas between Sochi and Gelendzhik Bay, a distance of roughly 90nm. Boat owners have repeatedly complained that trying to travel through this area is associated with some huge risks. However, this is not the only problem boat owners in this part of Russia have to face. Currently, the region experiences a strong shortage of berths, especially during summer months, and this is getting worse as the number of boats in Sochi and surrounding areas is growing. “In summer, renting a berth for a 12m [39ft] yacht jumps to 60,000-70,000 roubles (US0-900) a month. In winter, prices drop to 40,000 roubles (US0) on water and 30,000 (US0) roubles on shore. Berths are much cheaper overseas so many owners opt to keep their yachts abroad,” said Vladimir Chubarov, head of the Pereplut Sailing Club. The relatively high prices are associated with the lack of competition and the perception of yachting in Russia as a hobby solely for wealthy people. “By contrast, in Turkey, in marinas in some small bays, the service is organised in such a way that a yachtsman does not need to pay for mooring - it is enough just to dine at a local restaurant on the pier. You can take a shower and change your clothes, enjoy your meal, then return to your boat, spend the night, and in the morning go to the next bay, where you will encounter the same system. In our country, every person with a boat is prejudiced against and is almost considered to be a secret oligarch although it is a stereotype that only representatives of the wealthy class go sailing,” Chubarov added. State money to return boats home The idea of establishing a joint network of marinas in the south has already been supported in Crimea. The Russian Government is to spend 5.1 billion roubles (US million) to rebuild several existing marinas in the peninsula and more money to establish at least 17 new ones. The main focus, once again, is on “closing the gaps” as well as connecting Crimea with the Krosnodar Krai. “In the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol at least six new marinas will be established, excluding Balaklava. We also plan to build 20 new port stations. We will develop yachting tourism. If you look at European countries, in terms of price, yacht ownership is not expensive. If you hire a yacht in Russia it would be a no more expensive way of spending a vacation than a trip to Turkey for a week,” said Evgeny Kabanov, Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea. If implemented, the project could fill Russian marinas with boats currently moored in Turkey, local officials believe. This would bring billions of roubles of revenue back home. “Primarily, the marina is a yacht dock and Russians are very fond of yachting – March/April 2021 21

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