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2 months ago

2021 March April Marina World

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DRYSTACK SYSTEMS Miami marina buys trio of Bulls Rickenbacker Marina, a family owned and operated facility at Key Biscayne, Miami, Florida has invested in a new line up of three Wiggins Marina Bull LoPro trucks. The marina is high profile and positioned in a highly recognisable location. “Rickenbacker is directly next door to the Miami Boat Show site and the original plan was to have the trucks there [in February] for a large unveiling party,” said Wiggins Lift Company’s Michah McDowell. “Of course, that plan was foiled due to COVID,” he added. Official launch or not, the different machines – a W6.4, W5.6 and W4.3 – are now at work servicing boats at Rickenbacker’s drystack facility. This open rack arrangement, located on the upland part of the site, stores around 350 boats and the largest of the Marina Bull machines is able to lift a 45ft (13.7m) boat weighing around 30,000lbs (13,610kg). The maximum lift height of all three trucks is 42ft (12.8m). Vessels are moved from rack to water in minutes and a full service is offered, with fuel and provisions ahead of use and boat wash and flush upon return. Marina Bull trucks lined up and ready for action at Rickenbacker Marina and (below) lifting ‘Outrage’, a Boston Whaler 420 weighing around 30,000lbs (13,610kg). Rickenbacker purchased all three machines with a full maintenance plan. Wiggins’ service provider, Taylor Sudden Service, covers all preventative maintenance and bi-weekly tune-ups. In addition to the drystack, the marina has 200 wet slips and can accommodate boats up to 120ft (37m). It offers fuel, parts and service, and marine retail. 42 – March/April 2021 Fast, silent and compact semi-automated stacking equipment Designed and Manufactured in-house Engineering advice for the optimum drystack lay-out operation Over 50 years’ experience Distributors & Reps: United States of America Austria/Switzerland United Kingdom/Ireland Australia/New Zealand

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