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2 months ago

2021 March April Marina World

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DRYSTACK SYSTEMS The ASAR launch and retrieval system from Safe Harbour/GCM can store three boats on each rack unlike traditional storage models. The crane is a four-leg structure running on a rail. It has double tracking electrical motors running alongside the shed, double motors for vertical motion, and the cart supporting the boats and bringing them to their position in the rack is electrical and steered by wireless technology. Both the four-legged structure and double motors allow horizontal and vertical speeds previously unknown in drystack operation. The system can store boats, cars or containers and the shed can be compartmentalised or standard. At any given rack, a client can store any combination of a container, a summer vehicle and a boat. Gulf Star Marina has been operating since September 2020 at safe speed, and by the time this article is published the crane technicians will have finished the fine tuning (they could not fly from Austria before now) and the system will be operating at full speed. The artificial intelligence software learns the usage pattern of the boats and distributes them on the racks for highest efficiency. With extremely low maintenance requirements, the crane has a ten year guarantee for its platform lifting belts. For the first time in many years, the drystack industry presents a project in which every single stage is innovative. Oscar Siches runs the consultancy firm, Marina Matters, from Mallorca, Spain. E: Moving forward E-novations CHECK!!! 100% ELECTRIC The Original – March/April 2021 49

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