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2 months ago

2021 March April Marina World

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DRYSTACK SYSTEMS Pier 77 in Anna Maria, Florida was MDB’s first start-to-finish drystack project. Careful planning delivers quality and function Designing and building a successful drystack, like many things in life, is largely about preparation. David Coyle spent 20 years in the drystack construction business before setting up Mack David Buildings (MDB) in Sarasota, Florida in 2015. He says he “saw room for improvement in both quality and function.” “I have eliminated the need for multiple change orders, and designed tools to make marina operation more efficient. I’ve made a commitment to high quality product and great service. The first Mack David Buildings drystack project, in 2017, was Harbour Isles Marina (now Pier 77) in Anna Maria, Florida. I love showing off this marina because it was my first whole project from design concept to completion, and it is gorgeous.” Coyle is succinct with advice on how to start a new project – “begin with the site layout – height restrictions, setbacks, parking, and a boat market study that determines the best layout for maximum capacity” and he likes to become involved with every project at concept stage if possible. “I help with planning, drawings and design so there are no issues when it is time for construction. I take the time to ensure the customer understands the process, function and materials so everyone is on the same page from the start,” he explains. In his opinion, problems arise when drawings are prepared by people who do not specialise in drystack buildings; by neglecting to determine boat loads; or when teams don’t communicate well – the designers need to work with the engineers. Other big mistakes occur when a boat market study is not included in the planning, local regulations and zoning are not checked and/or environmental studies not completed. “It is also important to have local approval – the residents may fight the construction, dragging the project on for years. If you do your due diligence from the start, you will avoid issues that concern aesthetics and local regulations. It is a great idea to make preliminary renderings that can be shared with the community and local regulators. You may also find that the residents who will look at your building every day will help provide excellent design suggestions. I strongly recommend getting the community involved at the beginning of a project.” MDB is constantly finding ways to improve drystack operations with innovative tools that help operators save time and money and work more efficiently. “We also understand that a building can be highly functional yet beautiful, while giving the owner great quality for the expense. When designing, I ensure that the final project will include racks that are easier to adjust, and the structure is robust and long lasting. The demand for drystack buildings has increased over the years The newly introduced MDB steel bunk with pads (left) and adjustable boat stand (right) are designed to improve drystack efficiency. 50 – March/April 2021

DRYSTACK SYSTEMS Outdoor racks at SHM City Boatyard, Charleston, stack boats of up to 50ft (15m) in length. and we are consistently implementing our new system. Our patent-pending quick release bolts and adjustable ground stands allow for fast, tool-free adjustments – a game changer for marina operators as today’s boats and hull shapes vary considerably compared to just a few decades ago. We are always looking to improve our products and services and have recently made our quick release bolt system even stronger than before. They are nearly indestructible now.” The recently completed drystack at SHM City Boatyard in Charleston, South Carolina has been set up to rack boats up to 50ft (15m) and takes advantage of MDB innovations. “The entire marina is outfitted with our quick release system and angled clips, and they are using a few of our new steel bunks with protective pads. The project allowed them to fully utilise the quick release bolts on racks and we took the opportunity to make adjustments that improved efficiency even more. We moved the bunker board clips so there is no interference for the forklift forks, and the boards themselves were angled for the best fit for the boat hulls.” Ongoing projects include the installation of custom angled racks for the Big Toy Barn at Riverwatch Marina in Stuart, Florida, and installation of a robust rack system at SHM Skipper’s Marina in Troutman, North Carolina. A large rack installation is also scheduled for MarineMax Ocean Reef Marina in Key Largo, Florida. High quality pedestals from Holland since 1963 – March/April 2021 51

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