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2021 May June Marina World

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TALKING SHOP CYC Rushcutters Bay was an early Australian project for Bellingham Marine, helping the company prove it could build both to schedule and on budget. parks. They need to be destinations for maritime fun and enjoyment. Boaters will demand more and more hospitalityfocused management. The easier and better the marina experience, the more vessels you will attract.” And attracting the younger generation is also key. “Most yacht clubs I talk to have an average member age over 55 – and many well over that age – and clubs are promoting junior sailing very heavily,” Spragg says. “I do hear some members say it’s free weekend baby sitting but if the clubs cannot hook today’s younger generation on sailing there will be no members to come up through the ranks.” Yet another stumbling block is delivered by environmental lobbyists, and Spragg is a straight talker on the subject. “Marina owners and managers are far more protective of the environment than the socalled ‘Greens’. This group, which is uneducated in marina management and development, is a giant threat to the industry as owners and developers give up because permitting is just too hard. People generally have an affinity with the water – history has shown this since time began – but some groups are hell-bent on taking us away from using the seas and unfortunately they make a lot of unfounded noise.” While the industry fights this battle to enjoy time on the water, no one will be taking John Spragg’s interest away from an industry he loves. He will continue to serve as a director of Bellingham Marine after 1 st July, when he passes the baton to Bruce Birtwistle, who has been chosen as his successor (see p.58). “I will keep a close eye on the industry,” Spragg says. “I have no idea where the past 25 years have gone - but it’s been fun!” Mark Merton Photography Setting the world standard in marina design WATERFRONT DEVELOPMENT & MARINA MASTERPLANNING | FEASIBILITY STUDIES & MARKET RESEARCH BUSINESS PLANNING | MARINA DESIGN | TENDER & PROJECT MANAGEMENT | MARINE OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT ENVIRONMENTAL & LEGISLATIVE ADVICE PROPERTY CONSULTANCY SERVICES Marina Projects has the personnel, the skills and experience to make a unique and valuable contribution to any marina and waterfront project anywhere in the world, and our ability to successfully resolve any challenge comes as part of the package. Talk to us and we’ll deliver a world leading solution that exceeds expectations. | United Kingdom +44 (0)23 9252 6688 | Hong Kong +852 3796 3533 | Cyprus +357 97714495 – May/June 2021 31

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