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2021 May June Marina World

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FLOATING HOMES FLOATING DOCK JERK-FREE AND HIGHLY DAMPED MOORING For maximum comfort and safety in a storm. Reduction of retention forces by up to 90% due to the high damping capacity. QUALITY MADE IN DualDocker GmbH 5231 Schalchen, Landstrasse 50, Austria, T: +43 676 942 77 60, offi, Cranes , 4312 PARMA (PR) - Italy . +39 0521 e-mail pdn.cranes@. ebsite: THE WIND OF INNOVATION MOBILE BOAT CRANES AND MOBILE BOAT TRAILERS Diesel Hydraulic or Diesel Electric types. Capacities range from 20 T up to 1000 T PDN-Pubblicità182x132-160705.indd 1 20/07/16 16:15

YARD MACHINERY Delivering more for less After 30 years of operation, the old boat hoist at Compagnieshaven marina, located in beautiful Enkhuizen on Lake Ijsselmeer in the Netherlands, reached the end of its life. Because the quay was also in need of replacement, the marina team requested a brainstorming session with Dutch specialist Roodberg so as to best decide whether purchasing a replacement hoist was the most economical solution or if there was a better option. After looking at various lifting and transport systems in operation, including a hoist, a column slewing crane, a slipway system and a modern method of installing masts on sailing yachts, a Roodberg slipway trailer emerged as the best investment. It even made the purchase of a new boat lift completely unnecessary. Reducing the number of different boat handling machines in the marina from four to just two yields considerable savings in terms of invested capital and also substantially reduces maintenance and inspection costs. And, despite the much lower investment cost, the selected slipway trailer and Telehandler actually increases lifting capacity from 12 to 20 tonnes thus improving overall service at the yard. Operations are also better streamlined. Every boat used to be lifted out of the water with the 12 tonne hoist. Now, the telescopic handler is driven into the water with the slipway trailer, and the boat is positioned, lifted and transported to the jet wash location – all in just a few minutes. After cleaning the hull at an ideal working height, the same combination transports the boat to its storage place where it is set up in a Roodberg T-form cradle in a storm-proof and perfectly supported position. The unique cradle has been designed with minimal obstacles so that work on the hull can be done easily and quickly. In addition to working with the slipway trailer, the multifunctional telescopic handler can be used for all work in the marina, such as stacking the cradles in order to keep parking spaces free for berth holders during the summer season; placing masts on sailing boats; providing service if, for example, only a top light at the top of a mast requires inspection; and carrying out ground work etc. Exporting hoists for all boat sizes Italian company Cimolai has expanded its presence worldwide, not only providing equipment to launch, drydock and refit megayachts but also building its reputation for yards handling medium and smaller sized vessels. The company has marketed its brand to be synonymous with customisation and versatility. In the US market, Cimolai has recently delivered a 110 ton mobile boat hoist to Marlow Marine in Palmetto, Florida. The machine is compact, with a backward cross beam that has been specially designed to be easily managed and capable of working in narrow confines. The hoist can transport vessels to and from the site sheds without the need for trailers and, like other Cimolai machines, it is fitted with a teleservice system for remote assistance and diagnostic software with real-time check on equipment status. Elsewhere on the US market, Cimolai has further consolidated its relationship with Fort Lauderdale Marine Center, delivering a 140 ton machine to complement the 440 and 220 ton units supplied in previous years. The new machine has a hydraulic telescopic cross beam that makes it possible to vary the equipment’s track even at full load. This means the hoist can handle and launch catamarans as well as lift narrower vessels and position them in the storage area. Cimolai is never idle in the big boat sector, often delivering record-breaking hoists. The 1,120 ton mobile hoist supplied to Austal in Queensland, Australia, the 1,280 ton hoist installed at Bayonne Dry Dock in New Jersey, USA, and the biggest lift to date – with a capacity of 1,360 tons – recently assembled at Derecktor Shipyards in Fort Pierce, Florida are some recent achievements. There has also been much focus on protecting the environment, and Cimolai is now manufacturing fully electric machines with low noise and pollution impact that are claimed not to compromise on efficiency and reliability. – May/June 2021 43

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