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2021 November December Marina World

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THE SAFE, COMPACT, SELF-PROPELLED SUBMERSIBLE BOAT CARRIAGE One man can easily and safely do dry docking and launching of sailing and motor boats on ramps and slipways with a SUBLIFT. Typical usage is docking for fast service, cleaning of hulls and for winter season storage. 1 12-90 ton | BEFORE • Fast, silent and compact semi-automated stacking equipment • Designed and manufactured in-house • Engineering advice for the optimum lay-out operation • Over 50 years’ experience Meet us at AFTER Renovation of Amarras del Norte, Argentina

SUPERYACHT FACILITIES Umberto Antonelli, the owner of Eurobuilding, which will engineer and build the new leisure port infrastructure. Photo: Guido Picchio Creating a super hub in Civitanova Plans for a 12ha (30 acre) project to regenerate the waterfront, port and part of the Italian city of Civitanova Marche aim to create a new super hub for tourism and large yachts at the centre of the Adriatic coast. Donatella Zucca reports Located between Veneto and Puglia, on the maxi yacht route to the Croatian islands, Greece and Venice, Civitanova Marche in Macerata province will fill a gap for a high-end marina to complement the major yacht yards that have long been established in the region. The project will be built and engineered by Eurobuilding at an estimated investment of €150 million, and is expected to be a lengthy process. Obstacles will include renewal of the state-owned concessions, which expire in 2033 and are in the meantime subject to constant discussion with varied concessionaires, e.g. nautical clubs, bathing establishments and disused and active manufacturing complexes. Italy is not, however, new to this type of situation and is aware of the need to make each stakeholder understand the importance of changing their perspective and developing new businesses in which the benefits for the community outweigh the sacrifices. As in other places, the city of Civitanova Marche has developed around a traditional port concept which hampers free access to the sea and new and diversified opportunities. Eurobuilding is thus involved with private players and the City with a view to creating links between the development of promenades and urban areas to both north and south of the port. As for other great port cities, like Marseille, the project involves improving and streamlining the confluence of roads into the port, which in opening out to the sea requires a greener residential environment. The project, as such, follows the Regional Ports Plan, which includes conversion of the existing port and creation of a marina to the north. The marine facilities When complete, the entire complex will offer 758 berths of 6 to 70m (30 to 230ft), 425 of which – with a maximum length of 16m (52ft) – are for nautical clubs and the Naval League. A further 136 (in the 6 to 30m / 20 to 98ft range) will be sub-let, and 170 berths will be managed. A shipyard district, to include a drydock, docks for mobile boat hoists, and hangars for boats of various sizes, is also planned. The hangar for vessels up to 70m (230ft) will have a quayside with five dedicated berths, a reception, offices and crew village. Nautical clubs, a 4-star hotel, a bathhouse and a large commercial area will also be incorporated. The southern area has been reserved for residential development and will include another 4-star hotel, branded tourist and hotel buildings, tourist accommodation, a luxury commercial district and commercial buildings. The implementation of the project Above left & left: over 750 berths are planned for the nautical complex, in addition to residential and hotel development. – November/December 2021 23

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