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2021 November December Marina World

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SUPERYACHT FACILITIES A shipyard district with multiple facilities and boat hoists (right) will be set apart from landscaped leisure and residential spaces (below). will significantly revive the area through the application of high standards of environmental sustainability, including waste treatment, wastewater recovery, and elimination of polluted waterlogged land and neglected infrastructure. The new dock to the rear of the port area will be dedicated to shipbuilding, and the residential buildings will comprise six blocks (each of three storeys) and an eight-storey seaside hotel with a rooftop swimming pool. The streets will become tree-lined promenades leading to the sea. As such, Civitanova Marche will become a reference point for the Mediterranean – 260km (162mi) from Rome via the A24, and via the A4 motorway, which also connects to Falconara Marittima Airport 52km (32mi) away. Milan, which can be reached via excellent roads, is a 460km (286mi) journey. Speaking to Antonelli Umberto Antonelli, owner of Eurobuilding, gives extra information: Q: Who will be responsible for the different elements, e.g. maritime, landscaping, waterfront and residential, essential to the expansion and regeneration of the port? A: Ours is an application for a state concession. At the time of any concession, the work is done in part by Eurobuilding and is in part contracted out to third party companies. Q: How long is the state property concession and what does it cover? A: We are asking for intervention for the entire area affected by the work, with the exception of the stretch of water reserved for fishermen, which remains under state management. Our project provides for the management and evaluation of all the works. The state property agency will then evaluate the economic plan presented in order to establish the length of the concession. We are asking for 90 years but everything is linked to the financial plan. As I say, it will be the state property agency that will assess the number of years of depreciation. Q: Will there be a private or public marina? A: The concessionaire will have a series of concession levels. We foresee that all those who have activities related to the current concessions and who insist on a concession within the area we are developing, will be delocalised or relocated within the context of the new project. We will offer them a sub-concession in line with the terms granted to us by the state property agency. Q: Are there any further details on the port and the new breakwater? A: In principle, the project incorporates the regulatory plan approved by the Marche Region in 2010. In addition to giving the port more protection, the project has many positive features, the largest of which is environmental. We have taken the entire ecological transition into account, foreseeing a lot of solar energy and the use of renewables to supply a large part of the port with power. There will also be car parks and large spaces of greenery. But that’s far from all. There are abandoned sites in the area with polluted land that will be drained and reclaimed. Also, to avoid a dangerous proximity between cars, bicycles, pedestrians and working boat hoists, a dedicated shipyard area will be created. In response to current market needs, we will provide a large mobile hoist, and services and maintenance facilities dedicated to boats of a certain size and level. Q: How will you create a new tourist district? A: We intend to create a link between land and sea that not only includes Marche but also Umbria, Tuscany and part of Lazio. In order to make Civitanova the departure and arrival point for tourists, from the sea via the new port and vice versa, the urban fabric of the city has to be rearranged. This matter will, however, be in the hands of the public administration, which will determine space allocation, amount of green landscaping, car parks etc. We have already thought about – November/December 2021 25

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