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2021 November December Marina World

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SUPERYACHT FACILITIES Most significantly, the regenerated waterfront at Civitanova Marche will have open public spaces. all of this and there will be various conferences and themed meetings that will define how much will be granted with respect to the request. Q: There are plans for fishing activities, maritime services and a fish market on the quay of the breakwater. Do you think that yachts, fishermen and fish markets can coexist? A: The project combines these elements very well. The fishermen are already located in a well-defined area that doesn’t interfere with the tourism development of the port and, at the same time, represents a resource. A port without fishing, fish and shipwrights – and without the existing beautiful seaside village – is no longer a port. The fishermen remain because they do not bother the large yachts and the large yachts, in turn, do not bother them. This is why we deliberately left them out of our concession application. Every morning when I pass the port and see the fishing boats moored up is a beautiful morning. Q: What are the project timings and what do you need to do to get started? A: This is an administrative procedure that has clear timelines but, of course, all depends on the public administrator. The procedure can be completed within a year and a half or maximum of two years. It’s not up to us, but it could be even faster and take us less than 15 months. Q: Can we say that Civitanova Marche is preparing for a turning point? A: Yes. Our proposal aims to bring change to the city in coming decades. Q: Am I right to think it’s a bit like Marseille? A: Yes. It is even positioned in one of those near-unique situations in which a seaside village sits inside a port. You can imagine what a spectacle it will be when it is completed. Represented in over 40 countries Taking the Green approach to the Blackwater problem Vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use in marinas and ports of any size. The Flovac system can capture sewage and bilge water from boats and all facilities around the marina complex. No electrical power required at dockside Validates MARPOL certification No risk of water contamination Suitable for boats and docks of any size Discreet, small diameter pipework Ease of installation No odour – November/December 2021 27

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