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2021 November December Marina World

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DRYSTACK STORAGE Swiss drystack is first in Europe for crane and launcher system The electric crane and launcher system for drystacks has been proven for more than 50 years in Argentina, as our industry colleague Oscar Siches explained in his article in the March/April edition of Marina World. But Argentina is a long way from Europe … Enter DrySta and GH Cranes & Components, with a mission to bring this proven technology across the Atlantic – and embrace the opportunity to deliver a first-of-kind project as part of the renovation of Port Corsier on Lake Léman in Geneva, Switzerland. The resulting drystack, which has been fully operational since the summer months, is a first-of-class use of the DrySta system in Europe and is equipped with a three-ton floor crane to move boats to and from the racks and a five-ton launcher to lift and lower boats to and from the water. The facility can store up to 100 boats with a maximum length of 8m (26ft) on a three-tier racking system. DrySta and GH advised on the design, and installed all of the equipment. The system offers many advantages An all-electric three-ton floor crane and five-ton launcher swiftly and safely move, lift and lower boats. The drystack building at Port Corsier stores up to 100 boats and gives immediate access to the waters of Lake Léman in Geneva. over alternative boat moving systems, including: • Fast operation, as in less than three minutes the boat is available in the water and ready to sail • Silent handling, thanks to the electric motors, which also make the system suitable for use in residential areas • Efficient energy consumption as there are no combustion engine fumes • Minimal maintenance • Low combined operating cost Why the JV? The DrySta team cut their teeth on drystack in Argentina. In 2014 they designed and built what is to this day the largest drystack in the world, with five sheds, each housing 440 boats up to 8m (26ft), and ten electric cranes and launchers. The facility – in Buenos Aires – is planned to ultimately have space for 3,500 boats. In 2017 they founded their own company in Barcelona, Spain in order to bring the effective crane and launcher drystack combination to Europe. In 2019, DrySta and GH joined forces to develop the electric bridge crane and launcher system, utilising their joint skills of engineering consultancy, design, manufacture and installation to create quality equipment certified to European standards. They also pooled an extensive network of technical service and commercial assets. GH has long enjoyed its own solid international reputation for the design and manufacture of cranes for marine and industrial processes, offering all kinds of marina equipment, such as boat launchers, boat hoists and marine jib cranes. It is present in over 70 countries, employs over 850 people and has sold and installed more than 120,000 cranes worldwide. The company is also committed to the future: undertaking continuous research in environmental sustainability; transforming its machinery into smart devices via monitoring; and making use of the most advanced communication technologies to ensure the reliability that is essential for the marina industry. DrySta is in the business of consulting, designing and building drystacks, for marina owners, licensees and engineering firms, as well as commercially representing GH for its drystack machinery worldwide. Today, DrySta and GH are working on different projects around the globe – in Spain, Portugal, the UK, UAE, Greece, Australia and New Zealand. – November/December 2021 31

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