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2021 November December Marina World

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TALKING SHOP moored, storage space and a larger parking area for charter guests. One of the biggest projects in the master plan is the construction of a new restaurant on the site of the existing one, with plans for a lounge bar, club space and conference hall, all with a pleasant, nautical ambience. “We have all the project documentation ready and permits for the restaurant, as well as for most of the planned investments,” Marević says. The plan envisages further landscaping and improvement of the existing asphalt surfaces. The grocery store and the nautical equipment shop will also be expanded and reconstructed. Preparations are in hand to transform the hotel opposite the marina into a wellness and active hotel with 64 beds, finely blended into the natural ambience of olive groves and shaped like stylized Punat houses in a row. A swimming pool complex, a children’s playground and a recreational zone will complement the revitalised accommodation, alongside an olive growing museum and refreshed marina beach. “We want our guests to be better connected with the village, as well as to bring our marina closer to the locals, so we want to arrange and enrich the promenade that leads from the marina, around the shipyard to the city centre and back, with the aim of opening and connecting people. Everyone is welcome in our catering facilities, parking is free for service users and customers in the restaurants and shops,” adds Marević. The entrance to the marina will The hotel resort, with its stunning pool, is being transformed into a wellness centre. be completely reconstructed, traffic regulations will be changed and a bypass promenade will be built that will follow the new, future road and bicycle path. Although the depth in the marina is sufficient, the entrance to the bay is shallow. Marina Punat has worked to deepen the seabed at the entrance but, as the seabed is rocky, the work is extremely expensive. The aim is to continue, but co-financing is required. The goal to increase the water depth is not to facilitate the arrival of superyachts but to improve the water area in the bay. So far, the work has significantly encouraged flora and fauna to flourish and improved the seawater quality. Other plans also include continuing to support Yacht Club Punat, a children’s sailing club set up to educate and encourage the next generation of boaters. Future vision “We face great challenges in our small environment where we are the leading employer,” says Marević. Plans to carry out large projects must be flexible and have the support of the local community. “We are already a huge marina with 1,400 boats in the port,” she adds, “and thoughtful invention is needed to best utilise the available space.” “A very important factor in achieving our goals is the extension of the concession agreement with the Government of the Republic of Croatia. Modification of local urban spatial development plans and extension of the concession for the marina and shipyard are mutually conditioned and are the basic foundations for further growth and development. The process of achieving change is not simple and takes a long time, but we are optimistic. Our goals are clear and sustainable and it is in the interest of local and regional communities as well as at the national level.” “This is a key moment in the development of our society, extremely important for the sustainable development of society and employment. For decades, the Marina Punat Group has been supporting the local economy and community by investing in sustainable projects and employment, but also by numerous donations to associations, institutions and needy individuals. We want to be a part of it for many decades to come!” 34 – November/December 2021

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