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2021 September October Marina World

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MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS MARINAGO Office is an “intelligent” cloud-based marina management solution. Intelligent Marina Management – the tools for change by Vance Young Looking back to the beginning of my career as a young intern, I remember carefully listening to one of the many pep talks from a mentor. The one conversation that stood out was when my mentor said, “The only constant thing in life is change.” While this may sound a bit corny or clichéd, the underlying point my mentor was trying to teach me was that life would constantly be changing. It is each individual’s role to recognise these changes and adapt to make the most of them and be as productive and efficient as possible. Fast forward to today. We can all agree the past couple of years have presented some significant life changes. While the many changes in the world have been challenging, we chose to respond to them as an opportunity to make things better and help marina operators find a better way to meet these challenges. We know operating and managing a marina is traditionally a challenging task. That is why at Scribble Software we have invested decades in creating solutions to ease these challenges by creating intelligent tools for operators. Our forward-thinking vision always looks for a way to leverage everchanging technology so that marina operators may take advantage of life changes. As these visions become a reality, it is clear how marina management solutions transform into more intelligent operations tools. Cloud-based operations In an instant, the COVID pandemic transformed workforces to a remote environment. This unwanted change immediately placed a burden on businesses worldwide, including marina operators that utilised traditional “clientserver” based management solutions that function on a local computer network. The conventional client-server solution created a challenge for anyone working remotely to access and utilise a local area network management system. In contrast, a cloud-based management solution is designed to provide access from anywhere an internet connection is offered. While this sounds ideal from an access standpoint, what exactly makes it better or more intelligent? A cloud-based solution is not technically “more intelligent” than a traditional legacy solution. However, a cloud-based solution done correctly does have the opportunity to take advantage of modern technology, allowing it to be a brilliant solution. Creating an “intelligent” system is exactly how we designed our MARINAGO Office next-generation cloud-based marina management solution. This intelligence exists in many ways, including user functionality, as well as infrastructure. Infrastructure intelligence It is safe to say that most people think of a cloud-based software solution as simply an internet solution hosted on a web server. As with most websites, a cloud-based solution is viewed as a series of web pages that jump from page to page. However, in actuality, a modern cloud-based system such as MARINAGO Office is so much more and is much more sophisticated in its design. In contrast to a series of web pages hosted on a web server, the MARINAGO Office solution is built on Microsoft Azure web services that consist of a network of web services located on different web servers. These can function independently but are also connected behind the scenes forming a combined central solution. A real-world example of this would be how core marina management functionality would be on one web 30 – September/October 2021

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