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2021 September October Marina World

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MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE/INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS Australia highly appreciate the help and innovation supplied by DASH Symons, its key partner and representative in Australia. The company also continues to work with FreedomPay, Merchant Warrior and other payment providers enabling solutions to be ever more intelligent, secure, fast, simple and capable of achieving new certificates. And its ongoing work with other valued partnerships and marinas and ports worldwide is invaluable in its strategy for improving marina management solutions. Consulting at “the heart” of smart solutions Marina Master’s advantage lies in our advanced consulting approach. “Every experience with our customers is a gold mine for our strategy,” says Tone Britovsek, founder and owner, Marina Master. “We always listen to each customer need and utilise requests in a custom-tailored solution,” adds CEO Vesna Pavlovic. Marina Master’s cloud-based platforms are driven by customers’ needs and are utilised by marina Smart specifications and remote control are seen as major Marina Master benefits at Portonovi, Montenegro. owners, managers, staff and boaters. The all-in-one solution is focused on complete control of marina operations and includes CRM designed specifically for marinas, real time marina overview and reporting, movement control, accountancy, payment system integration, automated meter readings, fuel consumption tracking, access control system, wireless vessel tracking system and more. The personalised Marina Master interface is adaptable and easily customised for every marina, port, yacht club, shipyard, boatyard and dry storage facility. “No two marinas operate the same way. Every marina has its individual soul,” Britovsek stresses. “But with more than 29 years of experience in marina management worldwide, the Marina Master team is aware that marinas do have something in common – they all need flexible solutions and need to be sufficiently trendy to keep up with ever changing internal and external environments.” Embracing the ‘Smart’ Revolution: achieving more with what you’ve got Everything has suddenly become ‘smart’. It started with the smartphone, but now there are smart TVs, smart watches, and even smart refrigerators. It makes sense that there are smart businesses as well to meet the new digital standard. But where a smart appliance sells itself on the hardware, smart businesses rely on software. The same is true for marinas, where management software helps to uplift them into a new tier: the smart marina. Working together to create the smart marina. “On the outside, there isn’t much difference between a smart marina and a traditional one,” says Idan Cohen, CEO at Pick a Pier and representative of the Marine Innovation Association in ICOMIA. “Smart or no, a marina will still have berths, yachts and central offices. What makes a marina smart is its ability to view its daily operations as part of a greater ecosystem – to see how everything they do interconnects. It is a world of difference. Smart marinas are more efficient, get more out of their existing resources, and are connected to the bigger picture of the industry at large.” Cohen founded Pick a Pier in 2017 along with former navy captain, Asaf Cohen, to help meet the needs of marinas. “The boating industry is very focused on the boats: manufacturing, maintenance, boat shows. Marinas, the heart of the industry, are often left to fend for themselves,” says Cohen. “If a marina had any software at all, it was probably tailor-made for it, working in isolation from other marinas, which means the insights one could gain from it were very limited. We saw an opportunity for marinas to do more 36 – September/October 2021

LIMITLESS MARINA SOLUTIONS Esteemed for our admirable marina solutions, we have formed trusted partnerships with our international customers, allowing us to truly deliver unrivalled experiences from project conception to completion. Our quality materials combined with our supreme craftsmanship ensures that your destination presents both functionality and aesthetic appeal. For more details contact Rolec’s technical / support / sales team or visit your local electrical wholesaler t: 01205 724754 e: @RolecMarina / Rolec-Services

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