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2021 September October Marina World

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Composite Decking &

Composite Decking & Bumpers Are your float drums certified by an accredited testing agency? They should be. Ask for Ace Floats by name! Tested and Certified by IMANNA Laboratory Inc. Falling Dart Impact Test 7-Day Hunt Water Absorption Test Encasement Wall Thickness Standard And More! IMANNA Certified For over 25 years, Den Hartog Industries in Hospers, Iowa has elevated the quality of foam-filled float drums, setting the industry standards and is a leader in the marine industry on quality, durability and longevity. Visit for a variety of product sizes, specifications with bouyancy and technical information. Composite Decking & Bumpers High Impact Resistance Easy Maintenance In-house Tooling Made to Order Weatherproof Excellent OIT* High load capacity Soprefa, S.A. Portugal Tel: +351 256 880 470 MORE THAN 250,000m 2 INSTALLED! *Oxidative Induction Time

Dura Composites Dura Composites is a leading global supplier of composite products for the marine industry, providing innovative solutions for everything from pontoon decking to leisure boardwalks. The company has a proven track record in supplying advanced GRP solutions, including open mesh grating, and offers an ultra-safe hard-wearing decking solution. No Dura composites product requires painting or treating over its long lifetime, making it suitable for newbuild products or as a replacement for degraded or outdated timber and metal materials. Dura Grating GRP/FRP grating ranges in mesh size, resistance and price and includes the new patent pending d² heavy duty series that offers outstanding safety, performance and durability while being more cost-effective than traditional GRP grating in almost every scenario. Dura Deck Eco, hardwearing composite timber decking, is the company’s most successful product A-Z GUIDE Mancetter Marina, UK, with Dura Grating Mini Mesh and is an ideal alternative to traditional timber in wet environments. And the brand new Dura Deck Flip Resist offers two colours in one board for customised styling options. See advertisement p. 38 Golden Manufacturing Having spent over four decades perfecting and innovating its products and services to meet the demands of clients throughout the world, Golden Manufacturing has recognised a growing trend for the delivery of complete marine projects. Its response to this is to offer a mix of award-winning products and an attractive ‘slip/boatlift combination’ to form a one-stop-package that generates a stronger bottom line for marina owners. Company founder, Bill Golden, believes that close attention to product detail and development, and forward thinking, are the cornerstone of Golden’s success and longevity. Golden uses modern methods, technology and skilled technicians, and delivers Kropf Industrial Since starting out as a custom fabrication shop in 1977, Kropf Industrial has grown to become one of the premier suppliers of floating dock and breakwater systems in Canada. Kropf offers a range of advanced floating dock designs and its floating breakwater systems have been extensively tested and proven through both modelling and real-world applications. Kropf steel pipe floating dock systems offer unmatched stability and strength in high-energy sites, especially where winter ice is a factor. Finished in a variety of materials depending on your requirements, the docks will provide extended service life and low maintenance in real-world conditions. HDPE pipe floats are also available, backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and providing a heavy duty design systems that are safe, good-looking, easy to operate and dependable. Golden offers aluminium and concrete floating dock systems that are built to fit sitespecific needs. Systems are virtually maintenance-free and have a long lifespan. The patented timber-free concrete that is superior to traditional plastic box floats. Kropf’s floating breakwater systems utilise full-length steel pipe floats and a range of steel attenuation structures, depending on site conditions. Available with or without decking and fingers, the breakwaters are proven to provide superb basin River Cove Marina, Miami, FL, USA system comprises concrete decking, a patented aluminium whaler system and polyethylene UV resistant floats. See advertisement p. 14 &15 Dock A, Lakefront Promenade Marina, City of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada protection and extended service life in harsh northern conditions. See advertisement p. 26 – September/October 2021 43

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