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2021 September October Marina World

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Mega Tango by Fast,

Mega Tango by Fast, silent and compact semi-automated stacking equipment Designed and Manufactured in-house Engineering advice for the optimum drystack lay-out operation Over 50 years’ experience

A-Z GUIDE Ingemar Ingemar has over 40 years of experience in marine engineering and in the development of concrete floating structures. It is one of few companies in the sector to have its own independent production facilities, enabling it to carry out R&D in anticipation of market demands. The company is committed to quality, with ISO 9001 certification and SOA certification for public works up to €15.5 million. The Ingemar product range includes modular all-concrete pontoons, discontinuous floating pontoons with galvanised steel or aluminium frames, hardwood decking and fibre reinforced concrete or roto-moulded polyethylene floats. It also offers fixed piers and a complete range of high quality concrete Lindley Lindley specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of floating solutions for marinas, recreational ports and fishing harbours. Headquartered in Cascais, Portugal, it is part of Grupo Lindley, which has 90 years of experience in the maritime port sector. Having completed 25 years of specialist work in the marina and port market, Lindley’s technical staff have developed a broad and flexible range of products, including floating breakwaters; concrete, steel, aluminium and timber floating pontoons; pontoon access bridges and gates; floating platforms; and mooring systems. Lindley is a leading player in Portugal and Spain and has a strong presence floating breakwaters up to 20 x 10 x 2.4m and 185t displacement. Some of these are constructed using mobile production sites. Ingemar know-how covers water sports floating facilities, floating platforms and bridges, and heavy-duty mooring structures for megayachts, in the African and Latin American markets. Recent major projects include the supply of new nautical infrastructure for an iconic waterfront regeneration project in Lisbon, expansion of the marina at Póvoa de Varzim, also in Portugal, and installation of improved and expanded Marina Molo Pagliari, La Spezia, Italy commercial and naval vessels. It operates from production facilities in Casale sul Sile near Venice, Italy and serves the markets in Italy, the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Gulf. See advertisement p. 12 Nazaré Marina, Nazaré, Portugal marina infrastructure at Nazaré Marina, Nazaré, Spain. See advertisement p. 22 Livart Marine Founded in 2007, Livart Marine provides an international customer base with premium floating solutions. Systems are manufactured in high-tech factories in Guangdong, China, and a network of branch offices and subsidiary companies in countries, such as Australia, Dubai, Egypt, Korea and Thailand ensure swift and direct levels of service. Livart has delivered over 200 marina systems worldwide and its product line includes concrete, steel and aluminium pontoons; aluminium or stainless steel access gangways with anti-slip decking; and floating breakwaters. The company’s experienced structural engineers and designers can customise modular bridges and pontoon systems to suit precise requirements irrespective of geographic or environmental challenges. Livart prides itself on being Shenzhen Bay Marina Club, a one-stop customer-focused centre Shenzhen, China offering a service from proposal stage to final project completion. See advertisement p. 56 – September/October 2021 45

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