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2021 September October Marina World

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The magazine for the marina industry


A-Z GUIDE SF Marina Breaking Waves since 1918. SF Marina is internationally recognised for providing its customers with a century of experience producing tailor-made premium marinas and advanced floating solutions all over the world. SF Marina offers a full range of marine related services and has the in-house knowledge and experience to design, permit, manufacture, install and operate marinas. The company is a fully integrated corporation that understands the needs of the marina industry and can deliver the best marina products in the world to meet those needs. SF’s flagship product, its own-design Swedish floating concrete pontoon marina system, originated back in the 1920s. Soprefa/Twinwood Soprefa remains at the forefront of decking technology with its Twinwood brand. Manufacturing in-house moulds/dies for customised deck profiles, it offers customers a competitive and diversified range of solutions and geometries both in boards and bumpers. Soprefa has developed its product specifically for pontoons and marinas and supplies it cut-to-size. Of high quality and with exceptional resistance, it enables pontoon and marina manufacturers all over the world to offer a unique deck installation both for new projects and refurbishments. For 2021, Soprefa intends to continue on its path of innovation by presenting a new glass fibre reinforced Twinwood product and a revolutionary concept of clip-installation. This groundbreaking SunWalk Docks SunWalk is the environmentally friendly, storm-resistant, UV-stabilised, non-slip decking choice for docks, ramps, gangways and jetties. The company brings an impressive variety of technologies and surface options to the dock and decking market. At the heart of all SunWalk products is a proprietary micro-cellular-core manufacturing technology that provides industry-leading strength and structure. Its ability to withstand the rigours of weather, temperature, surf and UV is unparalleled and it has been thirdparty laboratory tested for accelerated weathering so you can have faith in its long-term performance. Decking is available is three distinct styles, multiple colours and multiple SF Marina is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and has affiliates worldwide. The company is familiar with and has completed installations in climatic conditions ranging from north of the Arctic circle to the tropics. Operating in more than 50 countries, SF Marinas has clipping and structuring system will reduce installation time and make it easier, even for nonprofessionals. Installation options will be extended to terraces, porches, verandas etc. The GRP decking will enable installers to extend the space between sizes meaning SunWalk has the right decking product for your applications. The company boasts a highperformance commercial team that combine market experience with application know-how. They are able Fore Points Marina, Portland, ME, USA delivered over 1,000 marina references worldwide. See advertisement p. 2 Twinwood decking, Aveiro, Portugal joists up to 50cm without the risk of bending or warping thus saving both time and material. See advertisement p. 42 Sunwalk 45 series, Cedar Lake, IND, USA to help your business and save you money, and can work to help new designs reach the market faster. See advertisements p. 23, 40 & 55 – September/October 2021 49

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