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2021 September October Marina World

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The magazine for the marina industry Moving Moving forward E-novations CHECK!!! 100% ELECTRIC The Original THE SAFE, COMPACT, SELF-PROPELLED SUBMERSIBLE BOAT CARRIAGE One man can easily and safely do dry docking and launching of sailing and motor boats on ramps and slipways with a SUBLIFT. Typical usage is docking for fast service, cleaning of hulls and for winter season storage. Titan Deck is engineered to be the last decking you’ll ever use. Made of UV-protected 100% polypropylene, it won’t rot, warp, dent, splinter or bend and will never need painting or staining – perfect for commercial docks and piers of any size! All Titan Decking is backed by a 12 year limited warranty. 1 12-90 ton | Titan Classic Titan X-Series Titan Open-X Series | 877-207-4136

Podcasts with the Boat Princess Nicky Vaux, boat owner, marina entrepreneur, board member of the Australia-based Marina Industries Association and strong advocate for boating, has released a podcast series under her pseudonym, the Boat Princess. In the series she shares her valuable insight and experiences in boating, and interviews notable members of the boating industry and proponents of boating lifestyle. With a personal goal to engage more women in the industry and get more women behind the helm, PRODUCTS, SERVICES & PEOPLE she delivers entertainment and insights, diving deep into the characters she speaks to, to understand how and why they came to the world of boating. Kicking off with a trailblazer, in her first episode Vaux interviewed Kay Cottee, the ‘first lady’ of Australia to sail nonstop around the world unassisted. “My aim is to allow listeners to escape to the world of boating in their car or through their headphones, learn from the experts about boating and inspire those that have never thought of a career on the waterways to place it on their radar. From industry jargon to our wide scope of career opportunities there is an incredible amount of subject matter to explore, and I can’t wait to Nicky Vaux on air (left), and with Kay Cottee. share it with the world,” she says. Guests include superyacht crew, managers of major marina operations, CEOs, clinical psychologists, boat brokers, marine suppliers, publishers, women who hold leading positions in the industry throughout the world, new boat owners and experienced boat owners. “The amount of interest we have received to date has been incredibly exciting and I am thrilled to interview so many women and men in the world of boating to share their stories, knowledge and experiences,” Vaux adds. You can follow Nicky Vaux through her instagram @theboatprincess and contact her via: Decking Reimagined Groundbreaking decking technology. Laboratory tested for decades-long UV performance and for the best storm surge and wave resistance. Microcellular core technology for stability, strength and durability. Integrated non-Slip surface and better quality for faster installation and reliable performance. SunWalk can help you build more dock, faster and get more of your revenue to profit. Superior Strength. Superior Experience. Superior Surface. 1.844.478.6925 – September/October 2021 55

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