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2021 September October Marina World

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YoreOn makes boating a

YoreOn makes boating a breeze makes everything a lot easier for harbour masters. With this technical application and software you can manage an entire marina via your phone and save time. Not only does it invoice mooring fees and power and water usage, you can also monitor all charging points and meter readings. YoreOn is very practical; use the system for security, access control and to regulate sanitary facilities. With YoreOn by Seijsener managing a marina is child’s play. So put your feet up and relax! Marina Services Tel. +31 75-6810 610 Marina World March/April 2021 Marina World Issue 124 Suppliers & Services March 2021 - February 2022 Essential reading for marina and waterfront developers, planners and operators Essential reference for marina and waterfront developers, planners and operators + PRINT WEB = RESULTS! Advertise in Marina World and get a free web advert! There’s a new audience of thousands who read Marina World online and don’t receive the printed magazine. Add this important readership to your audience by booking adverts in all seven issues of Marina World and your company will qualify for a free advertisement for a year on the Marina World web site front page. Contact Julia Hallam for details.

Multi tasking tool is cheaper than you think Over the past 12 months, Swede Ship Sublift has sold ten of its self-propelled Sublift boat trailers to European countries despite hold-ups caused by COVID-19. The machine, which is in effect a combination crane, trailer and tractor, has been of particular interest to UK operators – 20 Sublifts are now at work in the UK – and new operators in Denmark. While Danish owners of newly ordered Sublifts are swift to offer praise, Kenneth Frederiksen of Fredericia Marina ADP A/S has discovered the benefits of a Sealift by ‘inheriting’ one. “We took over the Sublift, together with the marina, in 2014,” he says. “Our customers are happy that we use it as it is gentler for boats than a truck crane PRODUCTS, SERVICES & PEOPLE during lift and launch. We actually have customers who sail from other ports just for this service.” Swede Ship Sublift general manager, Peter Hartzell, also emphasises that, aside from flexibility of use, ease of operation and great manoeuvrability, machines are competitively priced. “Not many operators in Denmark realise that they can buy a Sublift for just over a million Danish kroner,” he says. Sublifts come in capacities of 12 to 90 tons, and over 200 Sublifts have been built since 1990. Benefits of e-charge facilities As global transport is in the process of becoming cleaner and greener, the advent of electric vehicles (EVs) and electric boats poses significant opportunities for marina destinations around the world. According to UK-based Rolec Services, offering the facilities to charge electric vehicles is becoming a popular service for marinas as managers seek to provide inclusivity at their premises. Allowing EV visitors to recharge vehicles gives them peace of mind to enjoy their stay and also creates an additional revenue stream. With Rolec’s complete EV charging hardware and software solutions, marina managers can benefit from a whole host of features, such as: analytical feedback; real-time data; adjustable charging tariffs; over-the-air firmware updates; and much more. As transparency of charging behaviour and activity is crucial for any business, Rolec’s back office management system VendElectric offers marina managers the ability to completely control and manage their own charging network via an easy-to-use dashboard. Unlike EVs, electric boats do not require specific charging points. They can be charged up at any marina destination with accessible power. But, when electric boats require rapid (AC and DC) charging facilities, Rolec’s existing range of chargepoints can be installed so as to offer users a better service. Are you looking for increased profits and operational efficiency? Book your demo today. Pacsoft’s fully featured software can bring greater clarity to many of your day-to-day business Pacsoft is a Jonas Software Company Pacsoft Marina World Ad_Jan_20_Quarter Pg.indd 1 11/01/21 3:55 PM – September/October 2021 57

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