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Safety Security systems

Safety Security systems Sheetpile, seawalls & bulkheads Surveying Marina & Holiday Park Solutions/RMCS UK Tel: +44 (0) 1945 440779 Marine power and water pedestals, lighting solutions, emergency equipment, metering systems, marine design and installation. Nauticspot France Tel: +33 4 67 13 00 44 Nauticspot is a leader in Smart Port solutions: real-time supervision with presence sensors and smart mooring buoys; marina app to offer services and communication; Safe Marina to help security staff increase safety with AI. Port-Safety Denmark Tel: +45 5368 8070 LifeLadder is an innovative safety ladder for quay walls. Made of maintenance-free, reinforced synthetic modules in a bright yellow colour that ensures daytime visibility. Solar-powered LED lights provide visibility at night and clear direction to safety. The solar-powered LightUnit is available as a standalone product making it easy to upgrade existing ladders to be visible at night. Reach and Rescue UK Tel: +44 (0)1942 835876 Supplying the marine industry with swift, directionally accurate long-reach telescopic water rescue poles and public-access water rescue systems designed to improve marina safety by boosting casualty survival chances and keeping rescue operatives safe. Seijsener Marina Services The Netherlands Tel: +31 75 6810 610 Over 55 years’ experience in design, manufacture and installation of electrical connections and service pedestals. Supplier of pump-out systems, e-charging solutions, Harbour- In products, emergency equipment, lighting, payment systems, access control. Worldwide distribution. Sense4Boat Croatia Tel: +385 9160 47745 Innovative active prevention system which combines modern technology and lasting experience in the marina industry to ensure the maximum safety of your boat during long storage periods in the marina. SmartPlug Systems USA Tel: +1 206 2852990 Specialises in power delivery systems for boats, RVs and a variety of speciality vehicles and miscellaneous industrial applications. SmartPlug Systems is developing and providing innovative world-class solutions that make power delivery safer, more secure and easier to use. Sureline Electrical Modules Ltd UK Tel: +44 (0) 2380 618833 Sureline specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of marina, caravan park and waterways services. The company prides itself on the quality of all its products including electricity, water and metering services. Top Marine Ltd Estonia Tel: +372 53 044 000 Top Marine provides complete marina solutions - engineering, installation and wide range of floating marina products such as HD and timber pontoons, pump-out stations, floating houses, mooring fingers, safety equipment, etc. Security systems & gates Bluewater Marine & Dock Specialties, Inc USA Tel: +1 808 237 4504 Bluewater Marine offers structurally engineered floating docks, fixed piers, gangways and marina security gates. It is committed to delivering the strongest and sturdiest aluminium framed dock system on the market. Contact the team for a customised quote for your next marina project. Sheetpile, seawalls & bulkheads Creative Composites Group USA Tel: +1 814 839 4186 Manufacturer of composite pipe piling and a patented sheet pile system that will not corrode, decay or spall, reducing maintenance costs and future replacement costs. GatorDock USA Tel: +1 888 359 2557 GatorDock, part of CMI Ltd, is a leading fabricator of aluminium marine access solutions with more than 20,000 aluminium structures installed around the globe, including floating docks, fixed piers, marinas and gangways. Heron Construction Company Ltd New Zealand Tel: +64 9 2999767 Heron Construction is the New Zealand and Pacific Islands licensee for SF Marina systems. Heron offers turnkey options for marina design, pontoons, attenuators, piling, dredging, wharf and sea wall construction. Strongwell USA Tel: +1 276 645 8000 Strongwell is a world leader in fibreglass structural products, including FRP structural shapes, grating and walkways, and hundreds of custom structural profiles. Light weight, corrosion resistant, cost-effective and exceptionally strong. Made in the USA. Truline USA Tel: +1 239 776 2061 Truline is the ultimate seawall and retaining wall. A hybrid, pour-in-place steel-reinforced concrete wall encased inside a long-lasting vinyl form. Truline is less invasive to install and there is no need to remove docks. Surveying CBRE Marina Services USA Tel: +1 954 331 1719 CBRE Marinas provides appraisal, brokerage, consulting and expert witness services to marina, boatyard, shipyard, mixed use waterfront and vacant waterfront clients worldwide. 64 - Suppliers & Services 2022/2023

Surveying Used equipment sales Creocean France Tel: +33 (0) 5 46 41 13 13 Creocean is a consultancy company providing environmental, engineering and planning services in marine and coastal environments. It focuses on integrated and sustainable management. Elio Ciralli Consultant Italy Tel: +39 091 6851557 The Civil and Coastal Engineering Office offers consultancy for planning, economic evaluation and design of commercial and fishing ports, marinas, waterfronts; coastal protection; environmental assessments, surveys, numerical modelling. GPASeabots Spain Tel: +34 931 25 65 36 USV company whose activity revolves around floating technology for exploration and preservation of aquatic environments. It creates solutions for hydrography, visual or ultrasonic inspections, SAR and water cleaning etc. IADYS France Tel: +33 98 70 36 547 The Jellyfishbot is an electric robot that collects waste and hydrocarbons on the surface of water bodies, in the hard-toreach areas, autonomously or remotely. It can also perform bathymetric surveys and measure water quality. Used equipment sales Boat Lift Srl Italy Tel: +39 0173 500 357 Provides boat hoists for launching and hauling, motorised trailers for vessel handling and amphibious systems for both lifting and handling activities. Forklift Exchange USA Tel: +1 847 2760124 Boat movers, handlers and cleaners; drystack; yard equipment; new and used; service shop; parts shop; US nationwide shipping; finance options. Hostar Marine Transport Systems, Inc USA Tel: +1 508 295 2900 Manufacturer of custom hydraulic road/yard trailers, towable and self-propelled with capacities to 100 tons; stackable boat stands for power and sail boats; boat dollies to 25,000lbs capacity per pair. PDN Mobile Cranes srl Italy Tel: +39 (0)5211756441 PDN designs and supplies mobile cranes and trailers for shipyards and nautical ports for hauling boats of every size up to 1,000 tons. PDN also specialises in assistance, service and rehabilitation of other cranes. Seijsener products can be found in marinas all over the world: from Norway to Gibraltar, and from the Caribbean Sea to the Middle East. Marina world - Maart 2022 versie 4.indd 1 18-2-2022 08:16:24 - Suppliers & Services 2022/2023 65

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