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2022 July August Marina World

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WHAT LIES BELOW WHEN MOTHER NATURE HITS YOU WITH A WINTER STORM, WHAT LIES BELOW THE SURFACE CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE SF Marina is a world-renowned expert in the development of new or existing premium marinas. We provide state-of-the-art floating breakwaters and concrete pontoons to anyone, anywhere, who is planning to build a marina. And who wants it to still be there after the storm. W W W . S F M A R I N A . C O M

Marina World July/August 2022 Vol.22, No.6 22 CONTENTS World News 7 News Focus 19 Feasibility studies are underway for a marina in St Peter Port, Guernsey Marina Update 22 Marina di Varazze and other Azimut Benetti marinas have renewed focus 28 Marina Groups & Networks 25 Marina 21, a new group in Croatia, aims to build a network of Mediterranean marinas Planning & Design 28 The Triple Bay Yacht Club design is unveiled for Amaala in Saudi Arabia Property 31 Marina investment for maximum returns 32 Floating Buildings & Structures 32 Oceanix Busan floating city, Korea; launch of Meyer Floating Solutions, Germany; and Kempinksi Floating Palace, Dubai Management Systems/ Smart Technology 39 Products & Services 55 On the cover: Marina di Varazze in Liguria, Italy has been completely revamped. Eight buildings, have been renovated, security systems enhanced, and decking replaced on the breakwater and piers. Read more on p. 22. Photo: Sergio Bolla – July/August 2022 3

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