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2022 July August Marina World

The magazine for the marina industry +1 (904) +1 (904) 696 2981 The EcoPile is a fully composite PVC/Fiberglass composite piling with a specialized internal truss system extruded on the inside for increased lateral and load bearing support. Coated in a highly impact resistant and UV stable compound, the EcoPile will stand up to the elements for decades with new 16’’ diameter EcoPile designed for heavier commercial applications with great results. “When rebuilding our marina, we wanted to ensure the investment would stand the test of time. After looking at several options other than timber pilings, the EcoPile stood out as product, we couldn’t be happier with the result.” - Kuy Scott, Palmetto Bay Marina General Manager look. We highly recommend the EcoPile for any marine construction application.” - Dan Anderson, President, Barrier Island Marine Contractors, LLC New 16-inch diameter EcoPile now available for deep commercial applications B I M C

MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS/SMART TECHNOLOGY Delivering a digital future for marina management It’s no question that the future of marina management is digital. With a 30% increase in boat sales since the pandemic, the rise of a younger, more techsavvy boating community is among us. Marinas are now expected to meet the digital era with easy digital communication and the ability to transact online. Marinalife has risen to the challenge. Izabella Dickson tells us how Marinalife saw the technology gap within the industry and knew it was time to deliver a fully integrated experience for its customers. Marinalife has been a key resource for boaters and marinas through its curated digital content, quarterly lifestyle magazine and online travel tools since 2000. In 2022, the company realigned its focus with technology at the forefront and completed a major rebrand to provide innovative digital tools and resources for marinas and boaters. Marinalife now offers a management software platform – Marinalife Manager – that seamlessly connects the dots between marina customers and a marina’s bottom line. The new product, launched in June 2022, empowers marinas while maximising profits and streamlining the boater experience. Marinalife Manager combines three key marina systems into one easy solution: Dock Resource Management, Financial Management, and Customer Management. Dock Resource Management Dock resource management maximises profits by putting boats in recommended slips and enabling you to view an accurate representation of your marina on any given day, including: • Arrivals and departures • Boater and slip information • Float plans and much more... Financial Management The management suite puts all of your financial data in one place for streamlined daily operations and easy reporting: • Secure electronic payments and invoicing • Bookkeeping and accounting • Encrypted and PCI compliant Customer Management With a customer management system you can easily communicate with boaters and store all of their information in one convenient place: • Centralised customer database • Seamless direct communication • Broadcast messaging Marinalife Manager empowers marinas with unparalleled customer service, as well as advanced operations support. It’s a cloud-based management tool that helps recoup missed revenue, reduce operational costs and provide a personalised customer experience. Marinalife Manager joins Snag- A-Slip, a leading online boat slip reservation service, as a Marinalife company. In tandem with the new product offering, Snag-A-Slip’s reservation system seamlessly integrates with the management system, creating an easy process from booking to post-departure. Marinalife Manager and Snag-A-Slip both align to create a unified company under Marinalife, Inc., dedicated to providing the most innovative technology solutions for the boating community. – July/August 2022 45

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