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Kropf Kropf Industrial Kropf also Industrial also manufactures supplies also supplies a full line a full line Conolift of hydraulic of hydraulic boat boat trailers, boat as trailers, and well as well as mobile steel boat tube hoists steel floating tube with dock floating capacities systems dock systems and and from floating 3 Kropf – 100 breakwaters. floating Industrial tons. breakwaters. also manufactures Conolift hydraulic boat trailers and mobile boat hoists with capacities from 3 – 100 tons. 888.480.3777 888.480.3777 888.480.3777 888.480.3777 A marina team with over 30 YEARS of continuity and leadership in comprehensive services for international marina development. Marina Planning and Design Sustainable and Resilient Design Waterfront and Coastal Engineering Marina Market and Feasibility Studies Marina Tender and Construcon Services Photo courtesy of Christophe Harbour ®

TRAINING, EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION Attendees and presenters at the PIANC marina design course, held at Metstrade, Amsterdam last November. Exploring new ways to be useful to the marina community by Esteban Biondi In pursuit of its vision and strategic objectives, the Recreational Navigation Commission of PIANC (RecCom) is involved in various activities that support training and education in marina design. As chairman of RecCom, I am building on a long PIANC tradition and working to expand the achievements of my predecessors, leading our Commission and bringing together a wider network of likeminded supporters. Ultimately, as professionals, we aspire to be useful members of the marina community. This article discusses our plans and activities, but is also an open invitation to participate in our association. MDTP at Metstrade On 19th-20th November 2019 PIANC held its first marina design course at Metstrade. The Recreational Navigation Commission (RecCom) of PIANC organised the course, which was hosted by RAI Amsterdam as part of the activities of the Marina and Yard Pavilion (MYP) and sponsored by Poralu Marine. The event attracted 24 participants and four instructors from four continents. In attendance was a blend of senior marina professionals, engineers, consultants, architects, suppliers and other industry representatives. Presenters were RecCom members: Elio Ciralli (past chairman of RecCom and founder of the Marina Design and Training Programme [MDTP]), Oscar Siches (member of RecCom representing ICOMIA), Claudio Fassardi (member of RecCom and chairman of one of its Working Groups), and myself. Because we had a significant number of senior marina industry participants, I would argue that the gathering became more of an industry dialogue hosted by PIANC, as opposed to a simple ‘course’. The course is part of PIANC’s Marina Design Training Programme (MDTP), which was created about five years ago. This was the first time that MDTP had been held at a major marina industry event and allowed RecCom to advance its vision to be relevant and useful, serving the marina community and its professionals. The experience reveals that there is genuine demand for quality events that focus on advanced discussions on marina planning and design. Interest was very strong and we had to make some space adjustments to accept a couple of late registrations. Feedback from participants was very positive. For example, all respondents surveyed said that they would recommend the programme (none responded ‘maybe’). Martinho Fortunato CMM, chairman of the ICOMIA Marinas Group, said the course was a great opportunity to refresh knowledge on the design of marinas and also to get to know more about megayacht marina design. “It is, for sure, a course I recommend for any marina professional in the world,” he commented. He also noted that by holding the course at Metstrade, the biggest leisure marine equipment trade show in the world, participants could make the most of both events while taking just a few days out of the office. The programme structure maintains the MDTP approach of ‘professionals to professionals’ and seeks to provide ample opportunities for participant interaction. The course covered topics such as marina planning and design approach, engineering site analysis, non-engineering elements of marina design, other tools for integrated marina planning (market and economic analysis), waterfront redevelopment, engineering design, sustainable marina planning, and hidden elements when planning superyacht marinas. We are also discussing adjustments based on participant’s feedback, which may result in deeper focus on selected topics and case studies, which would vary from year to year. Based on these results, we may have found a refreshed model for the MDTP one-day programme. It is financially sustainable, meets RecCom strategic goals, and serves the continuous professional development of the professionals of our industry. PIANC at IMBC PIANC RecCom is also exploring new collaboration initiatives with the US-based Association of Marina Industries (AMI). PIANC RecCom and the US National Section joined forces to support AMI’s Marina Design and Engineering track for the International Marina & Boatyard Conference (IMBC) programme. IMBC is held annually in the USA. PIANC RecCom supported the content committee for the 2020 event - January/February 2020 43

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