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Composite Timber Decking

Composite Timber Decking Fibreglass Marina Decking ULTRA DECK RESIST Available in 150mm x 3660mm ULTRA DECK ECO Available in 2 widths: 146mm/295mm x 3660mm DURA GRATING MINI MESH Available thicknesses: 14 mm, 22mm, 30mm and 38mm Harvest Oak Smoked Ash Teak Charcoal Stone Sand Green Grey Teak Ultra Deck is the ideal alternative to traditional wood and is long-lasting, environmentally friendly, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Fibreglass Dura Grating offers superb anti-slip properties and is ideal for pontoons, fingers, jetties, entrance gangways, mooring pontoons and piers. Resists Load Resists Slips Resists Fire Resists Fade Resists Absorption Resists Stains Resists Expansion High Strength Resists Slips Low Maintenance Quick Install Resists Corrosion Tel: +44 (0)1255 440297 Email: Martini Marinas floating pontoons. The best, from all points of the compass. SWITZERLAND CROATIA GREECE NETHERLANDS/BELGIUM ROMANIA VIETNAM T. +41 91 9945545 T. +385 01 6530040 T. +30 23 10692899 T. +31 6 46140603 T. +40 341 482664 T. +84 123 7701039 Martini Alfredo S.p.A. Via Centro Industriale Europeo, 43 P.O. Box 1 - 22078 Turate (CO) - Italy Tel +39 02 963941

TRAINING, EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION Certified members attending the GMI seminar at Metstrade came from around the world to network and discuss topical issues. Certification pathways for marina personnel In the November/December edition of Marina World, the importance and benefits of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) were outlined. CPD specialist Vivian Kloosterman was quoted as saying that at the core of CPD ‘is a personal responsibility for professionals to keep their knowledge and skills current so they can deliver the high quality of service that safeguards the public and meets the expectations of customers’. With the increasing focus in the marina industry on customer service and productivity improvements to facilities, systems and services, it is critical that senior marina personnel stay ‘ahead of the game’. The gateway to CPD in the marina industry is through certification: most commonly as a Certified Marina Manager (CMM) or Certified Marina Professional (CMP). In some parts of the world there is another recognised certification; the Certified Marina Operator (CMO). To maintain one’s active status as a CMM, CMP or CMO there is an annual requirement to obtain a minimum number of CPD points based on hours devoted to various types of learning. This requirement provides a strong incentive for certified members to acquire new knowledge and skills, and maintain their valued active certification status. Certification across the globe is administered by three industry organisations: the Association of Marina Industries (AMI), which delivers training and certification including CPD through its subsidiary the International Marina Institute (IMI); British Marine (BM); and the Marina Industries Association (MIA). The latter two come together under the umbrella of the Global Marina Institute (GMI), which oversees their training, certification and CPD activities. The CMM, CMP and CMO requirements are very similar whether delivered through IMI or GMI. The core pre-requisite is to have completed the five-day Advanced Marina Management (AMM) course. Once applicants have completed the AMM, they need to have had a minimum of five years management experience at a marina with at least 100 boat storage spaces or million turnover. In applying for certification, candidates must provide referees and evidence of responsibility for nine management functions including budgets, facilities and staff. Both IMI and MIA deliver CMO. The key difference from CMM is the CMO’s level of operation at the marina. This certification is for those at smaller marinas with at least 50 berths/slips or 0,000 turnover. CMO is also available to marina assistants at larger marinas or similar but not full-charge managers. CMP was established by GMI in 2011 to recognise and encourage CPD by senior personnel in the marina industry who are not directly managing marinas. Typically, CMPs are yacht club general managers, owners or senior managers of marina equipment companies, or marina consultants. Applicants must have a minimum of seven years managerial experience with the last five years in the marina related industry up until the time of the application. They must have also completed the AMM within the past two years. AMI and GMI share a central register (managed by AMI) of over 400 certified members. Each new certified member is given a sequential number. AMI, BM and MIA are placing increasing importance on the CPD component of certification. At Metstrade Amsterdam last November, for example, the GMI organised a certified members’ half-day seminar, which covered topics such as recycling and handling abandoned boats (see Products & Services p.53), superyachts, and marina design for special needs. Delegates from Turkey, Montenegro, Greece, Australia, the USA, Holland, Belgium, France, Ireland, the UAE, Italy, Cyprus, Croatia and the UK attended the session, all keen to listen and share knowledge. - January/February 2020 47

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