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The value of marina certification by Ulrich Heinemann Certification is by definition the confirmation of certain characteristics of an object, a person or a company. This certification is often, but not always, issued by means of review, assessment or auditing by a party independent of the subject to be certified, which applies recognised standards for assessment. Finally, compliance with a standard provides information about the quality of the object, person or company. Most consumers are familiar with such certifications for hotels and camping sites for example. Quality certifications are also known for wines and other alimentary products. The level of quality can be controlled and hopefully maintained or, even better, increased over time by means of cyclically repeated inspections. Does certification make sense for marinas? Certainly. Because customers have specific expectations regarding the quality of the marina and want to see them fulfilled. If they are disappointed, they will probably look for another harbour that meets their quality requirements. For small and medium-sized businesses, standards can also help to build customer confidence and reduce costs in all areas of the business. Are there any recognised standards? Yes, there are. The International Standard Organisation (ISO), based in Geneva, Switzerland, has developed various standards for marinas. A technical committee (TC 228) of the ISO has developed three standards for harbours capable of accommodating boats and yachts up to 30m (98ft) in length in the internationally staffed Working Group 8 (WG 8). These are: • ISO 13687-1 “Tourism and related services – Yacht harbours – Part 1 Minimum requirements for basic service level harbours” • ISO 13687-2 “Tourism and related services – Yacht harbours – Part 2 Minimum requirements for intermediate service level harbours” • ISO 13687-3 “Tourism and related services – Yacht harbours – Part 3 Minimum requirements for high service level harbours” In addition, a standard for harbours capable of accommodating large TRAINING, EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION Proudly flying its certification flag, Marina Port de Mallorca has IMCI 5 star rating. yachts is nearing completion. This is: • ISO/FDIS 21406 “Tourism and related services - Yacht harbours - Essential requirements for luxury harbours” Two further standards are envisaged for: drystacks; and harbours which are essentially designed for charter companies. All of the above are aimed at the quality of service of the marinas, as their title suggests. What is the detailed content? The following aspects are evaluated in detail at different levels: • General Requirements • Environment • Safety Requirements • Signage • Services • Maintenance and Cleaning • Security Each of the above points is further subdivided into different areas in more detail. Are there other standards for service quality? Yes, there are. These are mainly offered by different organisations that work to guidelines that have more national character and have been developed by them over the years. These organisations certify their own members. Who can certify? In principle, any company independent from the marina that has made a name for itself on the market and follows a controlled quality system (e.g. EN 45011) can certify. At this point it is worth mentioning, for example, the International Marine Certification Institute (IMCI), based in Brussels, which, as an institute notified to the EU, has been known as the market leader in CE certification of boats, yachts and their components for over 25 years. In its subsidiary branch, IMCI has developed a transparent certification system for marinas based on the ISO 13687 standard series. The system will soon be further developed with regard to ISO 21406 as soon as the standard has been published. IMCI has a network of about 50 inspectors in more than 20 countries. What is the certification process? An expert of the certifier inspects the marina with a checklist in hand and assesses the quality of the marina with regard to each individual aspect. A level is accorded dependent on quality and a certificate is issued. What are the costs? They’re low - about the cost of a oneyear berth for a medium-sized yacht typical for the marina. Is the certification valid forever? Certainly not. It must be repeated every three years. Only in this way can the service quality level of a marina be maintained or even improved. Is certification a legal obligation? Not at all. It is completely voluntary and is an excellent opportunity for the marina industry to further improve its service quality in small and efficient steps. Ulrich Heinemann is managing director of the International Marine Certification Institute – - January/February 2020 49

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