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BOATLIFTS & PWC DOCKS Rise and fall at Charlestown Two Nel-Sun float lifts, manufactured by Golden Boat Lifts, were recently sent to Charlestown Marina in Charlestown, Massachusetts, where they are enhancing a newly renovated facility. When Chuck and Ann Lagasse bought the marina in October 2014, it was in need of total refurbishment. Now it is ready for boaters, and offers 250 slips, with a further 110 slips scheduled to complete by 2016. The lifts were the perfect choice for the marina as it has a water level variation of up to ten feet. Nel-Sun float lifts are specifically designed to handle extreme tidal fluctuation and can also be moved and reconfigured within the marina. They rise and fall with the tide and, in most cases, no pilings are required. Lifts give slip owners complete access to their boats as each unit is set within a wrap-around floating dock. The lifts are powered by the Golden Sea-Drive, a drive exclusive to Golden Boat Lifts, that can be solar powered if there is a shortage of available power at the marina. Chuck Lagasse plans to invest in more floating lifts in the future. At Charlestown, they have added slip space and thus increased revenue when tidal fluctuations made standard slips impossible. Contact Golden Boat Lifts in FL, USA on email: Optimum buoyancy and flexibility Merge the renowned G2 Cube and the sturdy, foam-filled Jetslide module and you have the all-new G2 Jetslide from Candock. Manufactured under the strictest industry standards and now available to jet ski rental operators, G2 Jetslide is completely filled with expanded polystyrene foam and is virtually unsinkable. Candock has focused on ensuring systems are as flexible as possible so as to withstand the bumpiest water, while offering a firm and durable cradle for the PWC. The product can be adapted to suit all types and sizes of PWC: two-seaters, three-seaters and tow-sport models. Optimum buoyancy is ensured simply by adding or removing the 19in x 19in cubes on the edge of the system. For marina dry-docking, Candock offers an additional Air Assist system. Ideal for heavier watercraft, the system keeps the Jetslide’s dimensions to a size suitable for marina spaces or cramped locations. The system is compact, lightweight, durable and easily installed. It is also Left: The Nel-Sun float lift installed at Charlestown Marina prior to pontoon decking. Above: A Nel-Sun lift fully installed. quick and easy to operate. Contact Candock in Canada on email: - July/August 2015 45

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