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Lift Your Revenue with

Lift Your Revenue with Golden Boat Lifts! Lifts Up To 120 Tons High Speed, High Torque Sea Drive Gearboxes 6061 T6 Aluminum Welded Construction Stainless Hardware CE Approved Best Warranty In The Industry ISO 9001:2008 Certified YOUR SUPPLIER FOR M (+1) 239 337 4141 17611 East St. North Fort Myers, FL 33917 K ndaDek COMPOSITE J T - July/August 2015 51 Tel: +31 (0)299 622 396 HE BEST The Netherlands BOATLIFTS & PWC DOCKS Spanish system poised for export An in-berth lifting system developed by an entrepreneurial team in Barcelona, has attracted keen interest from Spanish marina operators. The system, called Click&Go, already purchased by many private customers and for two PWC installations at Sotogrande Marina, is now poised for export markets. The result of a thorough five year long product development process, Click&Go is versatile, durable and easily installed. Each lift consists of a self-supporting heat-galvanised stainless steel structure with four HEA beam vertical pillars and a cradle of heat-galvanised structural tubing. Power is by means of two motors with automatically synchronised transmissions, operated via remote control. Four 10mm cables with pre- ARINE stressed AND anti-breakage CIVIL protectors; INDUSTRIES grade A-316 stainless steel pins, screws and accessories; and an electric and electronic control panel devised for a marine environment complete the package. Because the structure is preassembled and self-supporting, Click&Go needs no anchoring or fixing to the bottom of the seabed and the installation process is simple. Once assembled on the nearest available dock, it is positioned by crane or floated to the berth and lowered. The lifts have a self-adjusting base, suitable for different types of seabed, and telescopic legs that handle uneven terrain and allow precise levelling LD Anchor adjustments. The lift sits on the seabed and provides total stability to the boat while at berth, making it more comfortable when onboard and facilitating access for both able bodied and disabled boaters. Lifting and launching are fast and effortless and the mooring manoeuvre is speedy due to the neoprene-coated support bars that help maintain the boat in a central position. The cradle is raised and lowered by remote control. Initial choice of boatlift model is based on the length, beam and weight of the vessel and adjustments are made to factor in keel shape, water depth at berth and tidal range. Lifts can be adapted to fit exact vessel dimensions and mooring space. Since the launch of the first prototype, the range has evolved to cater for a good range of vessels Left: A special order standing boat lift installed at a refit yard in Pasaia in northern Spain is the tallest built by Click&Go to date and operates in tide changes of up to 4m. Below: A regular size lift unit. and mooring can be stern-to or sideon. Click&Go can be readjusted to accommodate new vessels provided the new boat is proportional to the original berth space and can be relocated to a different mooring space without the need for any underwater or complex operations. The company offers lifts to boat owners either direct or via dealers but can also provide a third party financing arrangement for marinas wishing to buy and rent out the systems without having to make upfront financial outlay. Operators have been quick to see upsides of the system. “It’s an excellent solution for keeping marina mooring spaces in order,” says Rosa Maria Busquets, director general of ports and airports of Catalonia. “It aids accessibility, it facilitates more frequent use of the boat, it is convenient for the user and it optimises the use of space in ports.” There have even been converts. “At first I was unenthusiastic about the boatlift, I saw it as an eyesore, all that steel out of the water,” admits Amparo Diez, commercial director for Utilport. “But I went to see one and I was pleasantly surprised to find it was hardly noticeable. Also, I immediately saw a business opportunity for the marina or the club, an alternative to dry docking, and the possibility of carrying out quick repairs.” Contact Click&Go in Spain on email:

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