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MARINA REFURBISHMENT The JA Marina now has over 105 wet berths and 60 dry berths and staff can take great pride in the new facility. Select projects in the Americas Many of the recent marina refurbishment projects with which ATM has been involved in the Americas were triggered by significant hurricane damage, but the opportunity for optimising slip mix as part of modernisation has also been a major consideration. A relatively special case was the redevelopment of a failing marina in St. Thomas, which in 2005 was transformed into Yacht Haven Grande, the first purpose-built superyacht marina in the Caribbean. Examples of recent ATM marina refurbishments and redevelopments in the US include Maximo Marina (Florida), North Cove Marina (New York City), Charleston City Marina (South Carolina), Marina Cabo San Lucas (Mexico), Fernandina Municipal Marina (Florida), and Fore Street Marina (Maine). In each case, significant drivers of the design process were new demand by larger yachts, older docks that could benefit from modernisation, available entitlements and the need to maintain and/or restart operations quickly. In many cases, in addition to significant modernisation of utilities, fixed docks have been replaced by floating docks. In the more comprehensive renovations, upland facilities were also repurposed or reconfigured. Recent renovations, especially of storm-damaged facilities, include special resilience and sustainability considerations in the design. Fernandina Municipal Marina, in northeast Florida, is currently under construction and is With new pontoons, selective reconfiguration and new utility services, The JA Marina now meets boaters’ needs in Dubai. a near-complete redevelopment that “makes good of a bad situation”, by replacing floating docks and utilities damaged during 2016-2017 Hurricanes Matthew and Irma with a reconfiguration that works better with nature (i.e. aligns docks and berthing areas with prevailing stronger currents to maximise natural flushing and minimise sedimentation), uses resilient materials, and now takes sea level rise into account. David Canfield, ME, PE, is an ATM principal and managing director of ATM’s Dubai, UAE office. Maximize Productivity With Automation Optimal profitability to keep you one step ahead of your competition. 30-50% increase in rentable cubic space 44% reduction of drive aisle through the elimination of a forklift The capability to store full size vessels on the top rack The flexibility to store multiple vessels deep Call 1.239.334.8800 or visit to get started! 16121 Lee Road, Fort Myers, FL 33912| MARINA AUTOMATION | MARINA CONSTRUCTION - July/August 2019 41

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