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MARINA REFURBISHMENT Seawall replacement: latest technology benefits southwest Florida marina In Florida, many traditional concrete panel seawalls are coming of age and with the rising tides and hurricane activity, these walls are in need of replacement. A marina on the southwest coast of Florida, Burnt Store, has weathered storms but Hurricane Irma in 2017 directly affected it with high winds and heavy rainfall, causing many of the seawalls to fail. Burnt Store Marina, part of a 626 acre (253ha) luxury gated community, is located on beautiful Charlotte Harbor (rated in the top ten places in the world for sailing) and is the largest marina on Florida’s west coast. The marina currently has 526 wet slips and dry storage for more than 300 boats. There are over two miles of ageing concrete panel seawall within the community, originally installed in the mid 1970s. During Hurricane Irma, 1,400ft (427m) of concrete panel seawall collapsed, causing significant damage and revenue loss. Dallas-based Safe Harbor Marinas (SHM) purchased Burnt Store in early 2017. As the new owner, SHM has made several capital improvements to the marina and has plans for additional growth. When the seawalls failed, the marina relied on its engineering firm to recommend the best solution for long-term performance. They recommended new technology in the form of the Truline seawall system. Truline completely replaced the seawall at Burnt Store Marina in Florida after hurricane damage. Installation (below) was completed by Benton & Sons Construction Company. Hybrid or concrete? The innovative modular system from Truline is claimed to provide marinas with several benefits or advantages over traditional concrete panels to help save costs while performing longterm. Some of the benefits for marinas include: • Longer service life due to the vinyl form which protects the steelreinforced concrete wall from harsh saltwater. • Smooth, flat appearance that looks good, especially in turns and curves with its smooth radius, unlike wide, flat concrete panels. • Ability to easily adjust the installation on each job site when soil conditions change as each form can be pin piled into rock. It is easier to adjust a Truline vinyl part than a concrete panel. • Does not require large equipment making it easier to install in tight spaces and saving clean-up costs. • The installer does not have to remove the docks or lifts (and deal with electricity, etc.) in order to fit the Truline parts. • Requires less staging space than concrete panels helping operations to resume as normal. The new seawall at Burnt Store Marina was installed by Benton & Sons Construction Company, a family business spanning four generations. The company has been busy installing the Truline seawall system around the state of Florida. - July/August 2019 43

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