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PRODUCTS & SERVICES EV charging by sun and Grid Rolec EV has launched WallPod:EV SolarCharge, a new solar powered electric vehicle charging unit. Although designed specifically for home use, the technology can be used at any sheltered building site. Frankie Mellon, Rolec national [UK] EV sales manager, gives a run down: “EV SolarCharge has been designed to offer the homeowner a feature-rich charging solution that not only displays the charging activity, but also highlights whether the charging is coming from the National Grid, exclusively from the home’s solar panels, or a combination of both.” “The standout features of EV SolarCharge include two unique charging modes and a summary data screen,” he continues. “The first of the two charging modes is the Solar & Grid Charge, which monitors the solar power being generated, highlights it on the data screen, and tops up any shortfall with power from the Grid. The second of the two charging modes is the Solar Only mode, which monitors and tracks the power being generated by the home’s solar array and limits the charge provided to the EV, matching exactly the amount of power produced by the panels. In effect, the EV is now running on the sun.” In addition to the two charging modes, EV SolarCharge also provides a summary data screen which demonstrates historical charging activity - including total charging kWs, solar supplied charging kWs versus Grid-supplied charging kWs, the actual percentage of charging provided by the sun, and the amount of CO ² saved. While the product has primarily been designed for homes with solar arrays, it can also be installed on homes without solar panels - utilising the Grid supply until a solar array is fitted. EV SolarCharge provides Mode 3 fast charging in both 3.6kW (16A) and 7.2kW (32A) formats, and is compatible with all current PHEVs and EVs. E: Decking with solar power ThruFlow of Ontario, Canada has now made its innovative Sol decking panel available worldwide. The first-in-class system has a solar panel integrated into its composite decking, is safe and long-lasting, and has multiple uses and applications. With 12 volts, two amps and 24 Watts, one panel can power a small boatlift. The Sol series was used in the BlueIsles Solar Microgrid Dock developed by PowerDocks, which won the 2018 Best Innovative Product at the Miami International Boat Show. This concept introduces solar modules, energy storage and power distribution into a floating dock that can be walked upon like any other. Sol is a perfect fit for ThruFlow’s product development philosophy. “Sustainability and reducing environmental impact have always been important to our brand. Creating Sol helps build on our commitment to the environment and on fulfilling our customers’ needs,” says ThruFlow sales and marketing manager Dennis Kjeldsen. “What makes Sol particularly unique is that it doesn’t take up any additional space, it’s completely integrated into your decking. It doesn’t get hot and is fully ‘walkable’, reducing the space needed to power your dock.” All panels use superior Italian-made solar technology integrated into a highly durable reinforced polymer; the same material technology that is used in ThruFlow’s Surge series of panels. E: - July/August 2019 55

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