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Sustainable mooring

Sustainable mooring technology in your product lineup. Thank you to our partners, you know us. You know Seae, the elastic mooring solution for all your oating applications. The environmental system that can stretch up to twice its original length, ordered at the eact length your water level variations require. You know that it does not only provide dampening by stretching, but that it also provides stability by retracting, keeping your oating application in its lateral position even at low water. The world leader in mooring technology FLOATING HOTEL ROOM Pemba Island, Tanzania Seaes invisible from the surface, working in silence day after day, year after year. It replaces the need for view obstructing piles and rusting chain. Suitable at practically any location, mooring literally any oating application, ranging from marinas to oating solar parks and beyond. Technology Value Quality Environment You know that your clients do not need to worry about pile drivers, piling permits, or eensive freight costs. You do not need a crew to winch the cables, or waste time inspecting every chain link for rust. You know the benets of minimal hardware and sustainable materials speccally made to last in a marine environment. You know that Seae can be used at your shallow locations, but also that it becomes even more price competitive in deeper water. You know our product line; what units are suitable for your smaller residential needs, all the way to the large heavy-duty units used to secure large oating structures in storm prone areas. Since we review your projects free of charge, you’re ing a Seae option for every project without being out money for engineering. You know that many clients already know what they want, they do their research and they know Seae. They are looking for the most modern material combinations, sold by the most knowledgeable industry leaders. We love what we do, and we appreciate our partners. Together we can replace outdated methods by ing innovative sustainable solutions to our clients. We are the winning team, together we can make an environmental dince! SEAFLEX AB Stöcksjö Kustväg 77, SE-90580 Umeå, Sweden P +46 90 160650 F +46 90 160651 SEAFLEX, INC 16902 Bolsa Chica St., #204, Huntington Beach, CA 92649, USA P (310) 548 9100 F (321) 406 0612 WAYANAD, INDIA water level variation this monsoon season.

WORLD NEWS Resort plans firm up Vukovar community served by new marina CROATIA: Marinetek Adriatic completed a challenging marina project in June for the Vukovar Port Authority. Undertaken in just three months, Marina Vukovar will serve the local area as a mooring spot and give everyone better access to activities on the water. Located on the Danube River, directly downstream from the River Vuka, the marina comprises 140 moorings for vessels up to 12m (39ft) in length. Boats moor on either side of a main pier, which is divided into four sections and connected by gangways. Fingers have been angled as appropriate. A second 60m (197ft) long pier has been installed to protect the moorings from debris and ice and act as a base MYP at IBEX 2019 Register now! USA: Registration is open for the 29th International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX), 1st-3rd October at the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa, Florida. The Marina & Yard Pavilion (MYP) will, once again, be located on the first floor of the ever-expanding event. This year’s country pavilions will include exhibitors from South Korea, Australia, France, Slovenia and Italy. for a 27.5m (90ft) long bridge. As the site is subject to over 6m (20ft) water depth variation, the structure needed adequate and secure anchorage. Marinetek opted to use 27 concrete-filled steel piles – a first for the company in Croatia – sinking each to a depth of 12m (39ft). The pontoons are mounted on the piles using special clamps with sliding elements that allow for unobstructed rise and fall. To register for IBEX 2019, the MYP and to find out more, to to Marina World is the Exclusive MYP Media Partner for IBEX and an IBEX Show Media Partner. INDONESIA: Crown Group of Sydney, Australia, has released details for a billion waterfront resort in Ancol, north Jakarta. The project comprises architect-designed vertical mixeduse residences - inspired by natural elements - a marina, beach club and restaurant precinct. Facing the Java Sea and covering an area of 4.7ha (11.6 acres), the project is being planned with government organisation PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, which developed Southeast Asia’s largest tourist park – Ancol Bay – in the 1980s. The proposal is set to go before the Indonesian Government for approval later this year. Thumbs down for marina expansion ISRAEL: A plan promoted by the Transportation Ministry to build nine new marinas and expand others along Israel’s Mediterranean coast over the next few years has met with a slew of complaints from the Environmental Protection Agency, environmentalists such as the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, and the general public. The plan, which could see berth numbers increase from nearly 3,000 to a potential 13,000, is aimed at encouraging the increasing number of boat-owning Israeli nationals to moor their boats at home rather than overseas. Objectors are particularly alarmed at the high level of additional infrastructure such a plan would involve and the potentially negative impact on public beaches. - July/August 2019 9

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