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Mar Apr 2015 Marina World

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SUPERYACHT FACILITIES Santelena from the outset. Minsi, under the leadership of Barbara Bonetti, and MPNetwork, coordinated by Enrico Bertacchi, took very active roles. Bertacchi owns Marina Partners, a consulting and marina management company known throughout Italy. Equally important was the support of Marina Fiorita – also owned by the Costantini family – in the Cavallino lagoon, and the ADAC nautical base which owns a German boat and car owner association with 18,000 members. Marina Fiorita and Marina Santelena are connected by shuttle services giving Santelena customers access to a variety of activities and services and extensive car parking. Both enjoy close proximity to the Marco Polo International Airport. In addition to Fiorita and Santelena marinas, the Costantini family also owns Celli Shipyards and the Celli powerboat brand which, until the end of the 1960s, racked up several world speed championships when powered by Bugatti engines. “Currently, the site is not active but we own the brand and in the future will use it,” explains Stefano Costantini, owner and CEO of both marinas. “For refit, storage and maintenance we are finalising a public/private agreement with the City of Cavallino – where Marina Fiorita is located – for the construction of a shipyard able to handle vessels up to 600 tons.” In the meantime, focus is most specifically on Marina Santelena and its different customers. “The marina is multi-functional,” says Costantini. “It is predisposed for permanent mooring of boats up to 60m, never before available in the historic centre, but is also ideal for transients. We’re just a 15 minute walk from San Marco.” The build journey has, however, taken much longer and completion delays have resulted. “Expanding the land base involved complex authorisations, then years of bureaucratic delays. It was only completely solved on 17 th January 2013 with the signing of the Convention with the City of Venice,” he confirms. “In the interim, we finished the water area, with an expansion of around 7,000m² of dockyard and decided to create 150 internal berths and other external berths for megayachts.” On the land The project finalised for the land base differs from the original plan and is now a work of public interest that includes areas dedicated to the Venetian rowing school that trains gondoliers etc. This involved buying around 9,000m² of new land from the state and transferring 1,000m² – where the school will be built – to the Administration. “In return, we got the chance to convert use and increase space; from 19,000m³ for the first project up to 21,000m³. Of this, 30% is intended for dry storage, production and maintenance areas and the rest is for office, commercial and reception buildings.” A hotel, tourist apartments, commercial areas for charter and other spaces will be linked to the Biennale, just a three minute walk away. “There will also be a swimming pool, club, restaurant, spa and events buildings. We are looking for an investor or partner to help us finish the hotel, spa and events areas. This could be a private person or fund or a foreign bank,” Costantini explains. The total cost of the landside development will be approximately €15 million and work is anticipated to be well under way in 2017. “We have already signed the Convention with the City and with the Maritime Authorities and we are currently making arrangements with charter companies.” A further bonus is the good relationship Marina Santelena enjoys with the neighbouring Diporto Velico Veneziano dock facilities and with Vento di Venezia on Certosa Island. Vento di Venezia also has some large boat moorings in an open harbour arrangement. Marina Santelena and Diporto Velico Veneziano have concluded an agreement for an interesting urban plan. Services and events As with all superyacht facilities, success lies in providing appropriate services to captains and crew. “They can rely on Above & left: there are over 150 berths for boats of 10 to 60m at Ingemar floating pontoons. - March/April 2015 27

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