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Mar Apr 2015 Marina World

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SUPERYACHT FACILITIES Right: a boatyard with 20 workshops and a drystack facility significantly boost amenities. Below: Bellingham floating concrete docks were installed by Denarau’s in-house team. is now valued at over FJD 39.5 million in direct contribution to the Fiji economy.” Furthermore, he adds: “The 56 superyachts [that arrived in 2014] contributed a total of FJD 16.4 million to the Fiji economy in 2014 and other yachts contributed FJD 17.7 million. Yachts also contributed over FJD 6.8 million in VAT and other charges to the government.” As the largest marina in Fiji and a key driver of superyacht growth in the region, Denarau has a significant role to play. Split into commercial and private marinas, Denarau orchestrates the movement of 78,000 tourists a year, including 55,000 cruise ship guests as well as superyacht and yacht berthing, making it the largest superyacht marina in the South Pacific. At peak season from May to November, the marina runs at 100% occupancy almost every night, while the commercial side of the marina is always at 100% occupancy with a waiting list. Located just 20 minutes from Fiji’s international airport and ten minutes from the multi-cultural hub of Nadi town, the marina complex is the centre of yachting activity in the country. In total, the basin contains 52 fully serviced berths well protected from all weather. Improved offerings The marina has both fixed and floating pontoons. Currently, fixed wharves are being constructed in-house by marina staff, Skeggs says, and the marina has its own barge and piling rigs. Bellingham Marine supplied all floating pontoons although, again, installation was completed in-house. All jetties are now installed with TallyBee dockside systems supplied by Marathon Products in New Zealand. With an increase in visiting superyachts, more facilities and better monitoring was required. At the time, Jo Nowak of Marathon explains, “superyacht and commercial berthing was under delivered at Port Denarau” and Skeggs wanted to improve the marina’s offerings. “To serve that vision,” says Nowak, “the superyacht pier now delivers a range of amperage including 100, 63 and 32A 3-phase, as well as 32 and 16A single power.” Skeggs adds that Denarau “has the largest dedicated solar power system of any marina in the world, consisting of 740 panels, each with an output of 175kW.” Nowak notes that, with a focus on catering to superyachts, huge amounts of power and water are consumed at Denarau and its staff felt it was important to manage this. As a result, the marina has simplified its departure process for both staff and visitors by installing TallyBee systems. Nowak says: “TallyBee provides the ability to see what [utilities] have been used at a moment’s notice for a given power socket or water tap. As guests often begin departure routines without advance warning, the wireless upgrade of TallyBee eliminates a sprint to a pedestal to capture a reading and makes it easy for staff to quickly tally guests’ consumption of utilities when they appear to settle their accounts.” For Port Denarau, the model works. The marina also has full fuel facilities, including the more environmentallyfriendly reticulated diesel, for its large commercial vessels and superyachts. It has a floating fuel jetty for smaller vessels and currently sells almost seven million litres of fuel a year. Other facilities at the marina include a full boatyard with 20 workshops providing services, repairs and maintenance, as well as a drystack facility. It has a 50 ton Marine Travelift and a six ton Wiggins Marina Bull forklift. The marina boasts full CCTV and has 24-hour security guards on-site as well as swipe card access to jetties, the boatyard and bathrooms. Skeggs explains that this is more for visitor peace of mind as Denarau does not have an issue with security. Located within an integrated island resort with seven 4-5 star hotels, visitors can enjoy a water park, 18- hole golf course and 38 bars and restaurants, as well as supermarkets, doctors, a pharmacy and bank. Over the last three years, considerable modifications have been made at the marina. Aside from top class facilities, Port Denarau uses its location as a hub for ferries and private craft to and from other island resorts to attract visitors. A new commercial and retail centre offers modern facilities and hosts regular entertainment in the form of local cultural events and live bands. Denarau’s expansion, including increases to its power and water delivery flow rate, has been well received by global cruisers. As a result, the length of the season serving superyachts has been extended. 38 - March/April 2015

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