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ROLEC SERVICES: 30 YEARS Quantum service pedestals installed at the prestigious Bvlgari resort in Dubai. Three decades of innovation In three decades, UK-based Rolec Services has reached monumental milestones. The company’s prolific projects are a testament to the worldleading position it enjoys, and have motivated the Rolec team to constantly hone its expertise in the marina sector. Since 1990, Rolec Services has positioned itself as an innovator of exemplary products for both marina operators and marina users. Starting out with just the Classic marina pedestal, Rolec has continued to expand and improve its offering to the marina industry and now has various popular pedestals and berth management systems on the market. Classic beginnings The Classic, with its simplistic and long-lasting design, has never fallen out of favour. It can be seen in hundreds of marinas around the world and withstands the test of time, with the bulk of original installations still reliable, and still in place. Launching the Classic pedestal gave Rolec access to multiple marina destinations and four years after its launch, it won the company its first £1 million marina project – for Elizabeth Harbour on the island of Jersey. Securing this 1994 project was a huge determining factor for Rolec as the directors could see vast potential in offering the industry a greater choice of products and services, and a future prospect as a world leader in the industry. With innovation at the core of its business philosophy and the new opportunities afforded by the internet, Rolec introduced a world first electricity/ water computer controlled management system called BerthMaster. BerthMaster was designed to provide marina operators with a simple and straightforward marina management system, enabling them to easily and cost-effectively manage the control and billing of marina electrical and water services. Its introduction was a revolutionary move for Rolec. The ability of the software to allow the marina office to remotely control and monitor every individual electric socket and water tap on the marina enabled marina operators to save time and labour. Rolec has always believed in providing solutions for its customers that make their day-to-day lives simpler, and BerthMaster achieves exactly that. Developing the new system facilitated greater opportunities for Rolec’s marina team, positioning them at the forefront of pioneering work. A decade passes Following ten years of great success, in 2000 Rolec added to its huge product range by unveiling LED lighting for both the marina and caravan park industries. Many pontoons, access bridges and quaysides have benefited from stunning, low-cost, energyefficient illumination as a result. The products have become a ‘go-to’ for new infrastructure and refurbishment projects, enhancing the ambience at many marinas and waterfronts. But, for Rolec, the millennium was just the start of something much greater. Within six years, it had diversified to use its specialist knowledge for industrial power supplies and had formed a third division named Power Solutions. A year later Elizabeth Quay Marina in Perth, Western Australia, is fully equipped with enduringly popular Rolec Classic pedestals. 26 - March/April 2020

ROLEC SERVICES: 30 YEARS MegaMaster, designed to deliver maximum power to superyachts, installed at Porto Adriano, Mallorca. it patented and launched WallPod. Originally released as the ultimate interchangeable utility pod system, it enjoys a strong foothold in the electric vehicle industry. The launch of WallPod in 2007 also coincided with Rolec’s first major Middle East contract – for The Pearl Qatar, a 1,200 berth marina project. The £2.5 million order added another impressive reference to Rolec’s substantial portfolio but was swiftly followed in 2008 by a £2 million order for marina services for the iconic Palm Marinas in Dubai. In under two years, Rolec had made serious market inroads into a new and exciting business region. Business was clearly solid, but Rolec continued to look to the future and push the boundaries, announcing EV Charging in 2008 as its fourth division. At a time when many were dubious about the future of electric vehicles, this was an adventurous and courageous move that has since paid serious dividends. 2010 onwards After two decades of extraordinary growth, Rolec relocated its headquarters and manufacturing facility to new purpose-built premises, widening its capacity to deliver even greater service to its customers. A multi-million pound Rolec Training Academy was built on-site to showcase the breadth of products the company designs and manufactures. The stateof-the-art Training Academy welcomes hundreds of electrical contractors and installers every month into the business, educating keen professionals on the wide range of products that Rolec offers. The Academy has piqued interest from all around the world, with visitors coming from far and wide to discover more about Rolec’s product range. In 2015, Rolec introduced two further products to the marina market: the Quantum service pedestal, which now boasts over 18,000 installations; and BerthMaster Online, an extension of the original BerthMaster electricity and water management system. BerthMaster Online benefits both marina operators and berth holders. Berth holders have the ability to manage their electricity and water services via their phone, tablet, laptop or any other web enabled device. The elimination of individual customer invoicing, combined with the marina receiving payments directly to its merchant account in monthly arrears, now ensures marina operators can control water and electricity usage with ease and precision. Both the Quantum service pedestal and BerthMaster Online have proven to be popular for UK and international marina projects, with many operators selecting both products. But, although the Quantum has generated interest on a grand scale, the Classic service pedestal still remains a true classic. In 2016, the Classic achieved its 125,000 mark for manufacture and installation. Rolec witnessed remarkable growth in the lead up to its 30th anniversary. In 2018, a new manufacturing facility was developed to meet the growing demand of electric vehicle charging products. In 2019, over 150,000 EV charging points were installed around the world. Such successes are a testament to Rolec’s dedication and commitment to serving its four divisions with outdoor electrical equipment that has been designed to satisfy all users. The broad range of projects also tells its own story. “Rolec is heading towards 4,000 marina references across 68 countries, with Europe, the UK Quantum EV charging points at Preveza Marina, Greece. and the Middle East being our highest concentration areas,” says operations director, Holly Brown. “It brings the team and me great pleasure to have reached our 30 year anniversary this year.” “We are firm believers in providing a unique service to our clients and also want to ensure that marina users also benefit from our specialist skills. As a result, we are committed to the continuous development of our products and systems,” adds managing director, Kieron Alsop. “In seeing the success of the Quantum service pedestal and BerthMaster Online, it’s stimulating to know that our products and services are still positioning us as world leaders in what we do best.” - March/April 2020 27

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