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March April 2020 Marina World

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Composite Timber Decking

Composite Timber Decking ULTRA DECK RESIST Available in 150mm x 3660mm ULTRA DECK ECO Available in 2 widths: 146mm/295mm x 3660mm Fibreglass Marina Decking DURA GRATING MINI MESH Available thicknesses: 14 mm, 22mm, 30mm and 38mm Harvest Oak Smoked Ash Teak Charcoal Stone Sand Green Grey Teak Ultra Deck is the ideal alternative to traditional wood and is long-lasting, environmentally friendly, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Fibreglass Dura Grating offers superb anti-slip properties and is ideal for pontoons, fingers, jetties, entrance gangways, mooring pontoons and piers. Resists Load Resists Slips Resists Fire Resists Fade Resists Absorption Resists Stains Resists Expansion High Strength Resists Slips Low Maintenance Quick Install Resists Corrosion Tel: +44 (0)1255 440297 Email: 28 metres 65 tons no crane The Original

PLANNING & DESIGN The waterski lagoon will meet or exceed international tournament requirements and be available for residents and guests. Máncora is currently perhaps best known for surfing, and while the bigger waves are not there most of the time, they do occasionally roll in, whether from Hawaii and the northern Pacific (typically in summer) or from the southwest Pacific (typically in winter). Even when not so big, waves that have travelled from far off sources, typically referred to as the Pacific swell, have a way of penetrating defences and have been the bane of many coastal Pacific marinas. To the credit of the Bertellos, they had numerous in-depth and intensive studies undertaken. Weather and wave data were collected going as far back in the statistical record as possible, and models created for the various scenarios from the more traditional to the more creative, all seeking to find the most meaningful and enduring solution. This careful but realistic approach resulted in creating three rubble mound structures to create the entrance channel, with the main/southern breakwater extending some 430m (1,400ft) from shore into the ocean to the -7.0m contour before returning in a fishhook and spur design to protect the entrance channel and, by extension, the marina. The three structures together require approximately 688,000m³ (899,870yd³) of stone. The main safety objectives were to make sure that the entrance to the channel was outboard of the wave breaking zones, that the breakwaters would provide protection from both local waves and the Pacific swell – with the design wave height in the main marina basin not to exceed 15cm (6in), and with the outer entrance configured in such a way as to minimise the potential for shoaling. While facing the challenges head on, there was also the question of whether these protections might be able to be put to additional use, and perhaps even become profitable portions of the design. This review led to slight additional modifications to the entrance channel that has now evolved, in essence, into an outer basin that will accommodate megayachts up to 67m (220ft), with a design wave height not to exceed 46m (18in). In short, the marina basins will provide a total safe harbour for year round and transient boaters, and a marina with calmer waters than anything that exists from California to Chile. Additional benefits of the rubble mound structures are that they have helped to create two protected beaches as well as a promenade of palm trees and hammocks on the north breakwater, creating yet another unique feature of the resort. And the benefits are not limited to the boats and people in the area as the breakwaters will also provide additional ocean habitat, essentially creating an artificial reef. The inner basin, which has been carved out of the existing upland, will accommodate boats ranging from 10.5m to 36m (35ft to 120ft). And since there are no other facilities in the region, the marina will also have a full boatyard service area with both Beachfront condominiums will have views across the marina. - March/April 2020 35

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