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March April 2020 Marina World

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YARDS & YARD MACHINERY Hamble Point Marina adds fourth MT hoist MDL Marinas’ Hamble Point Marina in Southampton, England has purchased a new Marine Travelift (MT) 75 BFMII mobile boat hoist. The hoist is the fourth in its Marine Travelift fleet and joins a 75 BFMII purchased in 2004, and 35 BFM and 70 BFM machines bought in 1999. In the years since the marina first invested in its first 75 BFMII, MT has been working closely with marinas around the world to get operator feedback and better enhance its boat handling equipment. According to marina manager Joe Walton, MDL continues to choose to work with MT because of the proven reliability, superior machine build, high-quality paint finish and the John Deere engine option. “The greatest enhancement we’ve noticed with the new 75 BFMII Marine Travelift is the optional sailboat top beam extension,” Walton said. “We now have a much greater clearance for the rigging of yachts and large flybridge motor vessels. This allows us to place all types of boats further into the slings for a better lift of the full vessel.” MT’s rear-sling to top beam clearance ratio is claimed to offer more space than any other machine in the industry, allowing marinas to offer more precise lifts on a variety of vessels with different size riggings and safer transport. In addition, the unit’s wireless remote control ensures operators of the 75 BFMII can see the lift from all angles and have access to digital machine information including load data. “It is a privilege to work with MDL Hamble Point Marina again for this 75 BFMII mobile boat hoist,” said Stephan Chayer, MT international director of sales. “The repeat business with customers like MDL shows Marine Travelift’s dedication to quality and customer service across the globe.” All MT boat handling equipment now includes remote diagnostics, which allow marinas to Bluetooth machine data in for efficient factory support from the customer care team. In addition, a worldwide dealer network ensures yards have access to local machine service and support. Hamble Point Marina, one of 19 marinas in the MDL Marinas network, is best known for its prime location on the mouth of the River Hamble where it has excellent access to the world-famous waters of the Solent. With 230 marina berths and countless amenities, it is a destination for competitive sailors and a favourite for cruising yachtsmen. The most comprehensive Marina, Boatyard & Shipyard Management Software Pacsoft’s fully featured software can automate nearly all functions, simplify business life and streamline operations. 44 - March/April 2020

Marina eBull ready to roll… The first zero-emission large capacity marina forklift, the newest addition to the fleet of boat handling options offered by California-based Wiggins Lift Company, will soon be commercially available. The Marina eBull joins the Yard eBull, launched in the fourth quarter of 2018, to consolidate the new all-electric product portfolio. Both utilise the same electric powertrain and lithium-ion batteries. Four Yard eBulls have recently been delivered to Port of Stockton in California where they are performing extremely well. The Wiggins Marina eBull is claimed to outperform its diesel counterpart in terms of operating and maintenance costs. With all energy derived from unique high voltage lithium-ion battery packs designed and built by Thor Trucks, safe high voltage 720 VDC keeps power delivery strong and efficient while helping to keep weight and costs down. High torque, direct drive, AC electric motor feeds power the drive axles for high pulling power and gradability. Zero emissions are guaranteed for clean operations inside buildings without fumes, soot or noise. Safety features include: reverse back-up camera; daylight strobes when moving; optional rear facing radar with audible and visual warnings to operator; optional noise makers including conventional back-up alarm and modern white noise generator to alert nearby pedestrians. Wiring, circuit protectors, connectors and overall design protect the batteries and all electrical components from damage. Wiggins offers its standard Marina Bull models in most wheelbases. The most common wheelbases YARDS & YARD MACHINERY are designed for full day operations when combined with intermittent charging strategies devised by Wiggins’ engineers and dealers. The company continues to work closely with charging technology vendors to optimise use of opportunity charging to allow full day operations even with less battery available space. With no engine oil or filter changes, no diesel exhaust fluid, no diesel fuel spills and no transmission oil or filter changes, the Marina eBull is a cost-saving option. Electricity also has higher energy efficiency than diesel and costs less per shift to operate. …and FLX finds Fremantle home Success also continues with the streamlined Wiggins Marina FLX with a recent delivery to The Boathouse Marina, a new drystack facility in Fremantle, Australia. This innovative approach to marina lifts offers exceptional manoeuvrability and space-saving. As the boat sits inside the lift’s body, it can operate in much narrower aisles, reducing the footprint of the drystack or leaving space available for extra racks. Key features include: • Four-wheel steering: the front and rear tyres can turn at the same angle but in opposite directions, making it safer and easier to negotiate tight corners. • Side step turns: as all four wheels can turn at 90°, the operator can move the FLX sideways down an aisle. There is no need for multiple back-and-forth turns. • Crab steering: it is easy to make minor adjustments without reversing and repeating manoeuvres. • Pivot turning: FLX allows the operator to line up the wheels alongside a rack and make a sharp pivot turn where the tyres remain stationary and the boat slips easily into a storage bay. - March/April 2020 45

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