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March April 2020 Marina World

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YARDS & YARD MACHINERY Dubai marina upgrades boat handling Italian company Boat Lift has recently supplied Dubai Creek Marina with a 90 ton capacity boat hoist and an 85 ton motorised cart. The new hoist features a 90° steering system as standard, and is equipped with a remote assistance system. The cart boasts 90° electronic steering in conjunction with a hydraulic width expansion feature. The machines were ordered to replace old machinery with high-tech equipment better suited to the marina’s prestigious location and to increase hauling capacity. The motorised cart optimises the use of hardstand space. Dubai Creek Marina offers a boat charter operation, chandlery, fully equipped workshop and a boat repair yard. It is the first marina in Dubai to be ISO certified and is capable of berthing 121 vessels of varying lengths to a maximum of 50m (165ft). The New Year started well for Boat Lift. A 75 ton hoist entered service in the USA; a 110 ton hoist was delivered to the north of France; and a 120 ton expandable hoist to the south of France. Many other machines will enter service in the coming months. Taking the Green approach to the Blackwater problem Represented in over 40 countries Vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use in marinas and ports of any size. The Flovac system can capture sewage and bilge water from boats and all facilities around the marina complex. No electrical power required at dockside Validates MARPOL certification No risk of water contamination Suitable for boats and docks of any size Discreet, small diameter pipework Ease of installation No odour Cascais, PORTUGAL +351 214 692 024 Barcelona, SPAIN +34 933 601 101 Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL +55 21 3942 8828 Pontoons for Marinas and Docks 46 - March/April 2020

PRODUCTS & SERVICES Epic launch for PWC docking Long-life piling A new patent-pending vinyl/glass fibre composite marine piling that is environmentally friendly, economical and long lasting has been launched by US-based Shoreline Plastics as an alternative to timber piling systems. Named EcoPile, the new product has been specifically designed for use in harsh marine environments while also offering surprising strength and stability. Much of its secret lies in a hexagram shaped special internal webbing structure which makes the piling stronger and stiffer while also helping reduce weight and costs, and providing a clear run of open space for pipes and cables. The benefits are reinforced in the bottom section of the piling, i.e. the buried portion, with a spiral groove. This allows the sand to settle into the piling, locking it into the seabed and making it significantly harder to dislodge during a storm. The grooves paired with the internal webs are claimed to offer more than five times the amount of surface area compared to timber or concrete, greatly enhancing the amount of slip friction the piling produces. The internal substrate – a special mix of glass fibres and PVC – is protected by an infrared and UV reflective outer layer, which makes the piling cooler to touch and resistant to fading or weathering. EcoPile offers significant environmental benefits by reducing the use of timber and the risk of chemical preservatives leaching into the water. It is manufactured from recycled plastic and is completely recyclable at end of life – estimated at 75-100 years. Maintenance is minimal (a cleaning ring is available to keep pilings free of growth and barnacles) and current costs are set at around half the price of comparable glass fibre products. E: US-based HydroHoist Boat Lifts has released HydroPort Epic, its most versatile personal watercraft (PWC) docking platform to date. Safety and convenience are major factors in the new design, which features a wider walkway and built-in anti-slip surface for easier access around the craft. For simple maintenance, the Epic is equipped with enhanced drainage to remove any debris and water from the platform, and a redesigned rear entry allows for a smoother loading and launching process. The platform can also be connected with the HydroPort Extreme model to enable individuals and marinas to continue to grow their HydroPort fleet. “HydroHoist is committed to supporting innovation in the boating industry,” said HydroHoist CEO Mick Webber. “We continuously keep up with the latest trends in both boat and PWC development. As these products continue to get larger, HydroHoist is growing, enhancing and redesigning our product lines to accommodate the larger capacities while maintaining our core quality, craftsmanship and performance that we build into every product.” For maximum utility, the Epic includes six sets of UV protected wheels, with the ability to lift 2,000lbs (907kg). The platform is available in blue, grey and tan colours and weighs 430lbs (195kg). E: - March/April 2020 47

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