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March April 2020 Marina World

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PRODUCTS & SERVICES Easy-fit lighting Safe and reliable underwater lighting systems need not be installed by electrical contractors. Plug-and-play IllumiSea lights from IllumiSea Aquatic Lighting Company, Virginia, USA are simple to fit and inexpensive to run, and are finding favour at luxury resorts and marinas. Available in various colour options and cord lengths, each LED light emits up to 25,000 lumens with a range of 60ft (18m) diameter and has an average 50,000 hour lifespan. Lights cost just pennies a day to operate but pay dividends in terms of enhancing ambience and attracting fish and other sea life. Installation is straightforward: snap the curved strap on the power cord into the base of the transparent light housing in an unplugged light; adjust the anchor weight by loosening the screws so as to achieve the desired depth of light; tighten and lock the weight; secure the power supply to an above-water structure; position the light and anchor in the desired location; and plug the electrical cord into a GFCI outlet. Depending on the clarity of the water, placing the light closer to the water surface can produce a larger and brighter diameter of light. The important factor, however, is to ensure that the light remains fully submerged during all water level fluctuations so as to prevent the water-cooled LEDs from damage. For optimal performance, IllumiSea recommends positioning the light 3 to 6ft (1 to 2m) below the surface. As the voltage is low and the GFCI gives extra protection, swimming in the light drenched waters is safe for all. E: Global boost for all-in-one software Since Soldiers Point Marina, NSW, became the first marina in Australia to implement Marina Master management software back in 2016, an increasing number of marinas in the country have followed suit. A similar leap forward is occurring in North America after the software was installed at a marina group in the New England area. Kevin Lussier CMM, regional manager Ocean Havens District Waterfront Properties, commented: “When searching for a new program, we needed to find a system that could handle the very high volume of reservations that we deal with in a season, and Marina Master has exceeded all our expectations.” Marina Master has been available for over 27 years but has spread more widely around the globe in the last seven years. The recently released Version 17 takes a giant step towards becoming a completely cloud-based system and includes web-based integrations with internationally renowned payment gateway systems (Freedom Pay and Merchant Warrior), accounting systems (QuickBooks, TechOne, MYOB, Xero etc), automated meter readings, fuel consumption tracking, access control system and wireless vessel tracking systems. “We are aware that changes are always hard, especially when talking about software. But when you get an all-in-one solution with intuitive and powerful user interface, the benefits are at hand,” says Vesna Pavlovic, CEO of Marina Master development company IRM. “With swift and smooth data transfer from existing systems, marinas are more than willing to dive into it. With this concept in mind, we keep sailing forward and are keen to see more and more satisfied customers.” E: 48 - March/April 2020

Double Containment Piping for Marinas Features and Benefits Routes easily along or underneath docks. The Nylon 12 outer jacket is UV stabilized and salt water resistant; no chase pipe required. Can be supplied in extra long continuous lengths: eliminating transition sumps on the dock. Additionally, a double containment flexible floating dock connector is available. For custom lengths of up to 1000 feet please contact factory. © Copyright Omega Flex 2017 MEMBER 971A LISTE OmegaFlex, Inc. 451 Creamery Way • Exton, PA 19341 • 1-800-355-1039 ISO 9001 Registered Company DBT-172 06/17

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