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May June 2020 Marina World

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MARINA YARD PAVILION YOU’RE INVITED! FIRST PORT OF CALL FOR MARINA PROFESSIONALS 17 - 18 - 19 NOVEMBER 2020 RAI AMSTERDAM The Marina & Yard Pavilion is a specialised pavilion at the METSTRADE Show; the world’s largest marine equipment trade show. The pavilion is the first port of call for marina professionals from around the world. With around 70 exhibitors, it’s the world’s largest trade exhibition for the marina & yard industry. METSTRADE FEATURES ORGANISED BY POWERED BY MEMBER OF OFFICIAL METSTRADE MAGAZINE OFFICIAL SYP MAGAZINE OFFICIAL MYP MAGAZINE

CRISIS MANAGEMENT Owners were still able to access their boats at Marina Palms in Aventura, Florida, despite the general coronavirus ‘shut down’. Group feedback: lockdown and beyond Managing marinas as the coronavirus threat increased called for new initiatives and special measures. Although core action in terms of hygiene and social distancing was universal, marina groups devised their own specific action plans. US Marina Group: Jim Bronstien Lockdown: Our marinas in Florida were ‘shut down’ for a period of time but, in reality, they remained open as boats were still accessible by owners, crew and vendors. Fuel operations were also restricted but only for a few weeks. Our marina in Panama was technically shut down as well. Boat movements on the water were restricted and are just opening back up [14 th May]. Panama had a stronger stay at home order that limited men to go out for essentials like food on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and women on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and no one out on Sunday. We reduced our staff to 50% pay and work. Opening: Boating activities have increased as one of the few opportunities for leisure activities. Our boat club business grew in activity levels the day boating was again allowed. There was lots of pent up demand to boat and get out of the house. Boating also got a lot of unintended press – mostly good, some not as good, but it gave an increased Croatia has experienced a lower impact from COVID-19 than many other European countries. Customers are using their boats at D-Marin Borik with sensible measures in place. awareness of how you can socially distance yourself and be safe. D-Marin network: Dean Smith Lockdown: The restrictions imposed by the different governments affecting our marinas were very similar and social distancing and hygiene standards were imposed in each facility. The marinas remained open for enquiries and administration but were closed to customers visiting and using their boats. Our management approach was common across the countries in that the health and safety of the staff and customers was our highest priority. The teams worked split shifts and all of the safe systems of work were reviewed. For those clients who were far away from their vessels, we made sure that they could request service providers who could look after their boat in their absence. Opening: As soon as the lockdown rules were eased boat owners immediately started to arrive to spend some time on their boats, undertaking maintenance or simply sailing. Everyone is aware how important it is to be responsible and cautious in order to stay safe. New social distancing and hygiene plans were put in place and the customers were happy to follow them given that it allowed them to get back on the water. F3 Marina: Dani Mill Lockdown: The marina we manage in Panama City, Panama has been closed since the government put severe restrictions on their citizens [as at 26 th May]. The marinas we manage in Florida were open and the effects on our customers and staff were more immediate. We worked as an entire company to ensure our staff were safe and comfortable providing our worldclass service to our customers. Our Great Lakes area marinas did not allow customers in the marina office - May/June 2020 21

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