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May June 2020 Marina World

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PRODUCTS, SERVICES & PEOPLE Reach and Rescue poles saving lives in marinas UK marina managers are seeing the benefit of having a lightweight Reach and Rescue pole to hand to ensure safety. MDL Marinas has supplied every marina manager at each of its 20 marinas across the UK and Europe with a pole, and Bangor Marina, part of the Quay Marinas group, has recently added one to its emergency equipment inventory. The telescopic rescue pole is a multi-award winning, compact, lightweight design that can be extended to 20m (66ft) within seconds, saving valuable time in an urgent rescue situation. Its simple, quick-release clasps with a range of interchangeable water rescue attachments ensure the pole can be operated efficiently, accurately and with minimal training. The team at MDL’s Shamrock Quay marina in Southampton was the first to recognise the need for a swift and accurate method to recover any person in the water without needing to get into the water themselves. The pole was called into action almost immediately – three lives have been saved at the marina since it was installed. “We have used the equipment on three occasions to successfully recover persons who have accidentally fallen in the water,” said marina supervisor Barry Radband. Elsewhere, marina manager Kevin Baird and his team at Bangor Marina have also positioned a Reach and Rescue pole inside a water rescue system, dubbed the ‘Emergency Point’, which is available to fishermen working on the busy pier. “Fishermen do fall in the marina,” Baird said and, while typical water safety equipment such as life rings are already in place on the pier, “a life ring is no use if you fall between the boat and the quay.” To date, the long-reach Reach and Rescue pole has prevented the deaths of more than 50 people during potentially life-threatening situations, including rescuing people from man overboard situations. Barton Marine launches ‘Quick Cleat’ range UK marine equipment manufacturer Barton Marine has introduced a range of Quick Cleat mooring solutions – an alternative to tying knots to secure items on pontoons and around marinas by simply twisting open a locking mechanism, dropping in a line and releasing. With a low profile and unobtrusive design, Quick Cleat is ideal for mounting to pontoon decks, providing a fast secure mooring point with a considerably lower trip risk in comparison to traditional open cleats. It is particularly useful for those looking to secure vessels that are in frequent use, or on short-term moorings such as fuel pontoons or visitor berths. Lines are held tight in one direction while being fully adjustable in the other and totally secure. Quick Cleats can also be used for hanging or storing fenders, securing tenders, SUPs, kayaks or other watercraft, without any knot tying knowledge. The range includes: • Quick Cleat 60040: a 316 marine grade stainless steel version, which securely holds lines from 6-10mm (0.3-0.4in) and loads up to 540kg (1,190lbs). • Quick Cleat 60030: a versatile, tough construction of heavy duty nylon Zytel from DuPont, which holds lines from 6-10mm (0.3-0.4in) and loads up to 70kg (154lbs). • Quick Cleat 60020: a smaller version constructed of DuPont’s heavy duty nylon Zytel, which holds lines up to 6mm (0.3in) and loads up to 30kg (66lbs). 56 - May/June 2020

PRODUCTS, SERVICES & PEOPLE Sanitising on the docks Italian pedestal manufacturer Plus International is offering a wide range of floor-standing hygiene dispensers for marinas. The product launch came in time to meet new regulations for sanitiser to Hydrohoist launches larger storage locker be made available on marina pontoons in Italy (see article p. 29) and the likelihood that similar rulings may be introduced in other countries. Most models are customisable with marina logo and come in a choice of colour, design and material. Larger dispensers offer space for hand sanitiser, gloves, face masks and a waste bin. The smallest free-standing model (right) is a functional but stylish hand sanitiser pole which takes up little space and is ideal for marinas looking to provide a solution alongside each berth. Other options include a wheeled unit that can be moved between busy areas and a tabletop version with room for hand sanitiser and gloves. US-based HydroHoist Boat Lifts has released a new solution for dockside storage – the 78-inch (198cm) Rectangular HydroLocker. The HydroLocker series now offers two designs built to withstand harsh marine environments and manufactured using tough, UV-stabilised polyethylene, which is more resistant to cracking and longer lasting than glass fibre. The rotomoulded HydroLockers are impactresistant and virtually maintenancefree, accepting standard padlocks to securely store items inside. The new Rectangular version boasts 25ft³ (7,800cm³) of storage capacity. The tongue and groove lid resists water penetration and the ribbed bottom of the locker provides better structural support, increases airflow and doesn’t trap water between the locker and dock, thus reducing wood rot and mould. It has a removable tray to accommodate smaller items or fishing rods. The unit can also be purchased with optional accessories like the Gas Shock Assist and Off Dock Mounting Bracket kits. The 50-inch Triangular version offers 14ft³ (396,000cm³) of storage capacity, accommodating a water riser and hose storage. It integrates with a HyPower EnergyMate power supply for an allin-one water and power organisational tool. “We are proud to produce the most practical, durable and well-thoughtout products on the market,” said Mick Webber, HydroHoist CEO. “Our Triangular HydroLockers have been a huge success over the years, however we have seen increased demand for polyethylene dock lockers in additional sizes. The material is very popular due to the product being virtually maintenance free and they don’t get a chalk film or crack like fiberglass dock lockers. The new 78-inch Rectangular HydroLocker should be a necessary purchase for any boat owner.” Products are available via Marina Planet, which represents a network of companies manufacturing marina- and yard-specific goods. - May/June 2020 57

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