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November December 2018 Marina World

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LIFTING EQUIPMENT INTEGRAL MANUFACTURER FOR MARINAS AND SHIPYARDS During 2017 GH Cranes & Components has installed several boat hoists in different parts of the world, continuing with its worldwide expansion strategy and keeping its strong position in Spain. Out of our 4 last installations, 3 of the units include Electronic Steering system which allows our clients to work more efficiently by using 4 different steering modes controlled by PLC: 2WD: 2 front wheels steering 90° + 2WD: Lateral displacement + 2 right wheels steering 45° Crab: Both diagonals running Polar: 360° Turning The last one, commissioned in Jan 2018, is equipped with Polar Mechanical steering system which is appropriate for the configuration of this specific marina in Mallorca. Bº Salbatore s/n 20200 Beasain, Gipuzkoa (SPAIN) / T: +34 943 569 176 / / See us at METS MYP.05.309 Windsor Racecourse Marina ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL BERTHING FACILITY BUILT BY WALCON 31 (0) 38 30 30 315 182x132mm_Marina World 2016_Tingdene.indd 1 09/12/2016 09:09

GLOBAL INDUSTRY OVERVIEWS site) just south of Sydney, which will deliver 270 berths (see Marina World September/October). There are also a number of marinas that have undertaken or are under way with refurbishment or extension including Birkenhead Point Marina in Sydney and the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Broken Bay. All of these projects are responding to the increased demand for higher quality facilities and larger berths. The largest projects currently planned in Australia include a number of regional marina and marine infrastructure projects proposed by the Department of Transport in Western Australia and the proposed AUD million upgrade of the d’Albora Marinas portfolio. D’Albora is Australia’s largest marina group. The Australian marina industry remains challenged by government regulation and inconsistencies in relation to government planning regulations and seabed leases and rents. Consequently, sourcing financing and capital for marina investments remains difficult. The industry continues to work with government to deliver a regulatory framework that promotes private investment in these key elements of public infrastructure. At the same time the industry is adapting to changes in consumer behaviour (for example shared ownership of boats, boat clubs and the sharing economy) and the need for marinas to transition to tourism offerings to attract new customers. Darren Vaux ITALY Gold Coast City Marina in Australia, already a premier Gold Coast site, is set to double in size (see World News). Italian marinas are slowly recovering from a long period of crisis and a weak market for moorings. This started in 2011 with the introduction of boating taxes by the government and became even worse due to the global financial crisis, the weakening of the Italian middle class and the construction and opening of new marinas which were planned in the 1990s. 22,000 new marina berths (around 40 new marinas) were put into operation all around the Italian coast in the middle of the crisis. Some investment and management companies failed or were unable to repay bank loans Marasi Marina, the first of four planned for the Marasi Business Bay project in Dubai, has eight interconnected architecturallythemed floating concrete piers. The marina is managed by ART Marine. because of the lack of expected customers and the lowering of average mooring fees. Since 2015, the average income per berth has started to Roberto Perocchio rise again (at an average rate of 5% per year) for the 170,000 marina berths we now have in Italian marinas. This is especially the case in favoured Italian coastal areas like North Sardinia, Liguria, Tuscany, Gulf of Naples, Sicily, Puglia and Gulf of Venice, which have also taken advantage of the fast growing demand for transient and residential superyacht berths. Roberto Perocchio CMM USA The USA has vast coastlines, numerous navigable rivers, and lakes ranging from small to massive, presenting a smorgasbord of boating opportunities and types of marinas. Marina chains continue to grow, buying the larger and well located facilities in high demand coastal and lake areas. To some extent, this is inflating expectations for higher pricing of smaller marinas. There is some consolidation of small facilities in various regions into small chains. - November/December 2018 29

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