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November December 2019 Marina World

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A marina team with over

A marina team with over 30 YEARS of continuity and leadership in comprehensive services for international marina development. Marina Planning and Design Sustainable and Resilient Design Waterfront and Coastal Engineering Marina Market and Feasibility Studies Marina Tender and Construcon Services Photo courtesy of Christophe Harbour ® See us at METS! Stand 05 514 SETTING THE STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE Wherever the site, whatever the size we have the bespoke marina berthing and protection solution. The photograph shows a recent project at Conwy Marina, Wales. Let us design and build your next project. Banagher, Ireland (Head Office): +353 579153963 Lossiemouth, Scotland (Sales Office): +44 1343 813233 Southampton, England (Sales Office): +44 239 4002797 Email: Website:

Sensor passes ‘live’ test A newly developed system called Sense4Boat, designed to detect and prevent the most common safety hazards such as fire, water intrusion and battery damage on boats had its first live test in July. A pump on a 16m (52ft) boat, moored up at its home berth in Marina Punat, Croatia had a technical malfunction and started overheating and generating thick black smoke. To make matters worse, it was the middle of the night and the boat owner was fast asleep on the boat. Fortunately, the installed smoke sensor picked up on the growing MITIGATE YOUR RISK hazard and the Sense4Boat system immediately generated an alert, warning the boat owner and the marina staff, allowing for a timely reaction. Thanks to the system and the quick response from the marina staff, nobody was harmed in the incident and the boat suffered only superficial damage. The Sense4Boat system uses smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors and the IoT Sigfox network to detect threats and issue warnings. Devices are very simple and quick to install as they do not connect to a boat’s wiring and the built-in batteries last several years. It is claimed to be the only system that simultaneously notifies the boat owner and the marina in the event of potential hazard. E: MARINA EXTREME WEATHER PREPAREDNESS ONLINE COURSE DISASTER MANAGEMENT The boat suffered only superficial damage thanks to the sensor alert and swift reaction from marina staff. GET ACCESS NOW! Course Topics Include: Destructive forces of 5 types of extreme weather Secure infrastructure Legal & insurance implications Boaters preparation to minimise damages Development & implementation of an extreme weather plan Extreme weather case study Access to: 1.5 hours on-demand online course material with rich content & videos External links to extreme weather information 5 downloadable templates/resources Downloadable Certificate of Completion • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • - November/December 2019 47

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