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The suppliers and services directory for the marina industry

Education & training

Education & training Environmental products Global Marina Institute - UK Office UK T:+44 (0) 1784 223630 See Global Marina Institute - Australia Office. International Marina Institute USA T:+1 401 247 0314 Founded in the mid 1980s to promote professional education, training and certification, the IMI runs many courses, seminars and classes including the highly respected Certified Marina Management (CMM) programme. MDL Marina Consultancy UK T:+44 (0) 23 8045 7155 F:+44 (0) 23 8045 7154 MDL Marina Consultancy offers a full service providing specialist marina business advice and solutions to clients worldwide. Its aim is always to create vibrant and profitable leisure destinations with long term commercial viability. Marina Industries Association (MIA) Australia T:+61 2 9439 5806 F:+61 2 9439 3983 MIA is the industry association for the marina industries in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. MIA conducts marina training, professional certification, International Clean Marina and Gold Anchor accreditation, research and promotion. The Marina Manual (Arrol Consultancy) UAE T:+971 50 784 6470 The world’s only A-Z reference and training document on how to administer, manage and operate a marina efficiently, safely and profitably. Marina Matters SL Spain T:+34 667 494 858 Design and operation of yacht harbours and marinas, general consultancy on marinas, design of marina elements, operations assessments, operations manual creation and marketing. Marine Business Advisors USA T:+1 561 346 9580 Boatyard, marina and marine business advisory firm specialising in providing operational, financial, marketing, organisational and business guidance domestically and abroad. 30 years as owner, operator and executive of major yacht businesses. Mymic, LLC USA T:+1 757 391 9200 F:+1 757 391 9098 Mymic’s marina safety awareness training was developed with the goal of reducing accidents and injuries among marina personnel. The training tool leverages the benefits of game-based training by allowing trainees to interact with a virtual marina where they identify and learn about areas of a marina that can be hazardous. PIANC Belgium T:+32 3 553 71 61 F:+32 2 553 71 55 PIANC - the global association for waterborne transport infrastructure - is a professional forum established in 1885. It is a leading partner for governmental and private sectors in the design, development and maintenance of ports, waterways and coastal areas. PIANC awards the annual Jack Nichol Marina Design Award (MEDA). Spinnaker International Pte Ltd Singapore T:+65 68751819 Marina management and consulting (business strategy, marketing, feasibility study) in emerging boating markets. Gold Anchor Scheme representative and assessor for Asian markets. The Yacht Harbour Association UK T:+44 (0) 1784 223817 Gold Anchor marina classification scheme - promoting quality assured berthing in over 160 marinas in 28 countries. The Gold Anchor Award Scheme is an independent assessment of services and facilities against the TYHA publication ‘A Code of Practice’ and industry best practice. TYHA mentors marinas to achieve the highest rating. 36 Environmental products Baltic Floating Structures Latvia T:+371 67214054 F:+371 67214100 Production, delivery and installation (turnkey) of heavy duty concrete pontoons; various floating structures (e.g. floating hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, offices, nightclubs, houses, breakwaters, port equipment etc). Floating fuel stations for boats, cars, helicopters and planes. Dura Composites Ltd UK T:+44 (0) 1255 423601 F:+44 (0) 1255 435426 A leading UK supplier of anti-slip glass fibre grating or eco-friendly timber composite planks ideal for new or replacement pontoons, fingers or for gangway decking. All products come with a warranty of up to 25 years. E2SOL LLC USA T:+1 401 4892273 E2SOL provides renewable energy technologies, develops custom project solutions and offers products designed to maximise energy consumption efficiencies. E2SOL offers its services to the commercial, industrial, marine and recreational vehicles’ renewable energy markets. EMP Industries USA T:+1 727 821 7867 F:+1 727 821 7869 Manufacturer and distributor of SaniSailor pump-outs and AquaClean recycling boatwash systems. Products feature industrial grade equipment for superior dependability and low maintenance. EMP works with customers to develop project specific solutions through the company’s Best Marine Solutions division. Ecotank France T:+33 658676646 Ecotank is a manufacturer of fixed and mobile equipment for the ecologically sound management of effluents (waste water, oily water etc.). Clients include marinas, shipyards and sailing professionals around the world. Edson International USA T:+1 508 995 9711 F:+1 508 995 5021 Established in 1859, Edson is a manufacturer of pump-out systems and washdown containment pumps. Pump models include peristaltic, single diaphragm, electric double diaphragm and vacuum pumps. Edson offers a wide range of accessories including hoses, fittings, nozzles, stands, enclosures etc. Five Aluminium Boat & Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore T:+65 6862 8233 F:+65 6861 0733 Builders of rubbish/flotsam collection boats, weed cutters and mini dredgers. Kebony AS Norway T:+47 06125 Kebony is a highly durable, sustainable wood with the aesthetics and performance of the best tropical hardwood. It requires minimum maintenance and brings low life cycle costs. LeeStrom GmbH Germany T:+44 (0) 776899 2105 A world leader in marina sanitation systems. Supplies, designs and manufactures pump-out systems, pumping equipment and fire-fighting solutions. The company uses the highest quality materials, which are designed to handle sanitation waste material and the harsh marina environment. Liverpool Water Witch UK T:+44 (0)151 207 4874 Builders of road transportable waterway clean-up and specialist marina maintenance workboats, barges, dredgers and self-propelled pontoons. - Suppliers & Services 2015/2016

Environmental products Financing & valuation - marina Marina Accessories USA T:+1 800 585 6890 F:+1 360 392 1443 Specialists in marina and dock products including Eagle floats, power pedestals and lighting, dock boxes, marina trash skimmers, Up-N-Out dock ladders, custom pile hoops and guides. Plasti Ltd UK T:+44 (0) 1420 47 9412 High quality recycled plastic decking, fencing, bollards, street and park furniture that offers excellent whole life costs due to its low maintenance requirements. All Plasti products are guaranteed and are 100% recyclable. Premier Materials Technology, Inc USA T:+1 763 785 1411 F:+1 763 785 1509 Supplier of Premier floats, SunWalk deck panels, solar LED marine navigation lights and the Kria ioniser water treatment system. Seaflex Sweden T:+46 90 16 06 50 F:+46 90 16 06 51 Seaflex is an elastic mooring solution for docks/pontoons, wave attenuators and buoys that has exceptional ability to keep floating structures securely in position even in locations with high water fluctuation and waves. The product can handle extreme forces, is kind to the environment and has very long life expectancy. Seagull Control Systems USA T:+1 347 389 5533 Design and manufacture seagull deterrent systems for docks, roofs and outdoor dining, using the method recommended by USDA Wildlife Service as permanently effective and non-harmful. Delivered ready to install or installation anywhere in North America can be arranged by certified contractors. People-friendly design eliminates seagull and pelican infestations and their pollution. Seasonal installation is easy if docks are removed. Seijsener Marina Services The Netherlands T:+31 75 6810 610 F:+31 75 6823 276 Manufacture/supply only and turnkey installer of durable service pedestals. Harbour In in-deck service solutions. Leading European supplier of pump-out systems. Renewable energy, metering systems, emergency equipment, lighting, SEP-card cashless payment and access control. Consultants. Financing & valuation - marina Applied Technology & Management, Inc USA T:+1 386 256 1477 F:+1 855 281 6884 ATM provides waterfront planning and design including municipal waterfront revitalisation, public and private marina development and redevelopment. Services include planning, economic evaluations, engineering design, financing/grants, permits, consensus-building, construction management and operational planning. Arrol Consultancy UAE T:+971 50 784 6470 Consultancy for (i) marina and waterfront design, development and operations; (ii) urban waterfront regeneration; (iii) dredging and harbour works. Publisher of The Marina Manual. CBRE Marinas USA T:+1 386 672 3339 CBRE Marinas provides appraisal, brokerage, consulting and expert witness services to marina, boatyard, shipyard, mixed use waterfront and vacant waterfront clients worldwide. Deutsche Marina Consult Germany T:+49 511 2344000 F:+49 511 2344001 Waterfront consulting and design, marina development and nautical tourism consulting. SaniSailor is a product offered by SaniSailor is a product offered by NORTH AMERICA 800 355 7867 INTERNATIONAL 727 821 7867 - Suppliers & Services 2015/2016 37

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